When it comes to talking about SEO it is usually a very subjective and opinionated conversation.

Many people will swear by it, others think it is a thing of the past and you get various opinions in between the two.

We still believe that it is a very important element of marketing and should not be over looked. Like most web skills, SEO is no different in that things are constantly changing from one year to the next. SEO principles from the past are not going to reward the same results of the SEO principles of today.

Many will argue that keeping up with the changes in search, SEO Rules and Google algorithms is itself a full time job, and you would be right. However making these necessary changes will pay dividends for the reputation of your website.

So what have we seen so far…

Content is king…
(we’ve heard this before I hear you cry)

Content marketing Is a phrase we are all becoming much more familiar with. For those who are unfamiliar with this concept content marketing relies on the development of content that can then be shared socially (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+) which will help to acquire and retain customers.

Delivering great content to your customers will help to engage, provide clarity of information and most of all provide value.  If you can identify your market and develop content that will aid their understanding of the topic, then you will be on the right track to delivering successful content.

No excuses not to be mobile

Mobile search is becoming one of the biggest search markets. Since 2015 we were all made aware of ‘mobilegeddon’. Nearly a year on we continue to see websites that are not mobile or device responsive and this really is a must have to be competitive in Google.

Its one thing having a mobile website but we must ensure that our website is correctly optimized to work effectively and efficiently on mobiles.

Ensuring that you use software that is compatible with all devices is crucially important. Be sure that all content fits on the screen so that users don’t have to scroll to find content sitting off page. All call to action areas of your website should be easily touch responsive. When reviewing your website on mobile ensure that you can click all the relevant links and buttons with ease, if you cant they either need to be bigger or they need to be separated so that they are easier to touch and select.

A non responsive website will never be able to go toe to toe with a fully functioning mobile responsive website.

Speed Kills

Website speed has become a serious ranking factor in Google. Slow sites don’t just frustrate all users they actually become less significant in Google. A staggering 40% of users will abandon their site visit if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load. Top ranking websites will ensure that there site loads on average in 1.1 seconds.

Is geographic or local SEO being left behind?… Certainly not!

Most marketers are used to Googles obscure named updates. Google’s Pigeon update focuses a lot on local SEO and it is just as important for businesses to be ranking well locally. Geographic location is a key element to most desktop and mobile searches. Ensure you have your business registered with Google Places and have a business page that is up to date.

Are keywords integral to my SEO campaign?

Google has become wise to the campaigners that try to fool them with the likes of keyword stuffing and various other keyword manipulation.

It is important to have a keyword strategy but knowing how to best use and implement will be the key to a successful SEO strategy.

I often say that SEO is a bit of science, there are some core elements required to come together and work in synergy to be successful. Unfortunately, you cannot cherry pick the one single component or element that fits your routine. To be really competitive in search, you need to two things consistency and quality.

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