Mobile Application Development (Apps)

Apps or Applications are generally developed for handheld devices or tablets. 

Apps are a combination of quality design, UX and core function driven elements. 

There are many reasons for developing an App, but the main reasons are that applications can help support the development and growth of your business. They can engage with customers, help to retain a loyal customer base and collect valuable data about your customer and market. 

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Taking Mobile Technology to a New Level

Grey Coffee can provide Mobile App Development and have a dedicated development team that have experience in delivering product and campaign based applications.

Mobile technology has significantly developed. When Apps first hit the market there were only 500 available. We have seen a rapid growth, and there are now over 500,000+ Applications available.

Developing an App for your business can help to support the growth of your business, it allows you to engage with your customer base, retain existing customers and collect valuable data from your target audience and market.

With each platform comes different coding languages. Luckily our developers speak Java, C+ and C++. Grey Coffee however speaks good old plain English so don’t worry you won’t get caught up in any technical jargon that makes very little sense to many of us.

Android, Windows or iPhone?

A hotly debated subject. Are you an Apple lover or are you an Android fan from head to toe?

When it comes to developing an App, we have to make a decision on the platform we develop it for. Generally there will be an obvious choice, however some of our customers have valid reasons for developing an App on a particular platform.

The reality is we want to ensure that whichever platform you choose, it is going to provide you with the biggest return on investment.

How Can We Help?

Grey Coffee has proven experience developing Apps for businesses across the UK. 

When it comes to App development we can help you with the following;

  • Strategy & Concept
  • UX & Design
  • App Development
  • App Testing & Deployment
  • Application Analytics

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