Some of you may be aware that Apple are currently in the process of building their new HQ. This office has officially been named Campus 2 however many recognise it as the space-ship campus.

It was mentioned at the latest keynote that any 2017 launches will take place at the new building.

Alongside this Apple will also be launching a new UK based office. There growth has simply resulted in the need for bigger office space. The key location is set to be the Battersea Power Station. The building is huge, boasting 500 000 square feet and was featured on the cover of Pink Floyds album ‘Animal’.  It is by far one of the biggest office locations in London and it comes with a hefty price tag. Apple are set to invest £9 billion in to the development and is due to open in 2021.

Drone pilot and Youtube user MyithZ has been monitoring the development of the Spaceship Campus. More recently you can see the development is really taking shape. The drone footage is 4K and really is superb. It gives a great perspective on the size and scale of the project and the concept is becoming an incredible reality now.

Check out the footage here;

Apple Campus 2 Facts!

The site consists of 176 Acres!! That’s bigger than big! It is set in a 2.8 million square foot area. 13,000 Apple employees will be able to work there. The building is a over a mile in circumference.

Apple Campus 2 will be a huge structure of glass, giving Employees the ability to look out of either side whilst they work.

The amount of glass required to complete the project has been estimated at Approx, 6km of glass.

The architects that designed the building are actually a British based firm called Foster + Partners.

Steve Job’s vision of the campus was for it to be seamless and silky smooth inside. There fore the interior will be finely polished, no seams, no gaps and no paintbrush strokes. From floor to ceiling the the interior quality is to portray and emulate the design and vision that goes into Apple products.

The campus is made up of four floors, when designing the building the architects had to take into consideration which depts. would work together. Department proximities were strategised horizontally and vertically.

It has been rumoured that designer and now Chief Design Officer Jonathan Ive, will be designing the desks and furniture for the campus.

The car park has been designed to be hidden below the landscape. Again this has been an aesthetic choice so the rows and rows of cars don’t ruin the view.

One of the initial developers, Skanska were released from the project in 2015. This resulted in a revenue loss of circa $800 million for the development firm.

Steve jobs was instrumental in the development of the Campus 2 project. Apple requested that he was not to be treated as a client, but more so considered to be part of the team.

The campus has been designed to be totally self sufficient. The campus is set to use alternate power sources in order to power the campus.

Apple has bought on board an industry expert arborist. They have been tasked to develop the landscape and surround the campus with 7,000 trees. The aim here is to regenerate the indigenous plant life.

The landscape is to emulate the feeling of being in a park. It will have paths for walking and running that extend around the building.

It has been rumoured that parts of the building will not require air conditioning due to the design and natural ventilation.

The campus is set to use recycled water through out the building. This water source will also be shared with Cupertino. A pipeline of 13,300 feet is currently been installed to achieve this.

The cost of the development has spiralled. Initial talks outlined a development cost of $0.5 Billion. Since then the budget has been discussed to be closer to $5 Billion.

Within the campus will be a 1000 seat auditorium which will be used for presentations. Bikes will be kept on site for Staff to use to get around the campus and there will also be a fitness centre that will accommodate the Silicon Valley which has been estimated at 20,000 users.

All in all, the Apple Campus 2 is spectacular. At Grey Coffee we are really excited to see this project completed. There is always going to be a healthy divide, whether you are a mac or android fan but putting tech to one side for a moment as an architectural project this is seriously in a league of its own.

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