We are now officially in May, with the summer months rapidly approaching I know the one thing on most peoples minds are the wonderful summer evenings ahead full of parties, BBQ’s and holidays. However, I am sure many of you will be reading this and thinking where have the last 4 months gone?

That’s right we are a now officially a third of the way through 2014 and what an exciting year it has been so far.

We are now entering our fifth year with Grey Coffee and so far it is heating up to be our most exciting year yet.

So What’s Changed? 

There have been many changes within the industry. You may have heard people talking about Panda, Hummingbird and Penguin – don’t be fooled, they are not referring to Attenborough’s latest documentary but these are some of the most recent changes in Google’s Search Algorithm.

Google’s stance on website design user experience and responsive web design has shifted. We are also seeing more and more agencies taking advantage of open source software like WordPress and Magento as opposed to designing and developing websites within a bespoke Content Management System.

Above all over the last 4 months we have been working not only with new and existing clients but we have been making some significant changes within the company.

The first of which comes in the form of cloud-computing. We have welcomed cloud-computing technology with open arms. Grey Coffee has always been dedicated to keeping up to date with most modern day technologies and for us the transition from our previous hosting supplier to a cloud based platform has made perfect sense.

There were many reasons why this made sense to us, but the major benefits are as follows;

  • Scalability: Cloud based servers give us much more capacity when it comes to scalability. We can get the specific amount of server power we need in a matter of minutes.
  •  Reliability: The Cloud can scale up or down effortlessly, this means when your sites are reaching higher peaks of user traffic, the cloud can help to keep your site online and maintain a healthy website speed for all users.


Design – Develop – Deliver

Over the last four years our agency has organically developed to what is now a professional, efficient, effective and above all, quality design agency.  We have a strong proven experience in WordPress and Magento as our platforms of choice when it comes to web design and development.

Our development team is ever expanding and with that comes a greater span of experience and a more extensive range of development tools available to us.  We are now able to offer responsive web design and development, a subject we will explore in more detail in a future post.

We also have a dedicated SEO team and are actively managing Pay per Click campaigns and on-going Search Engine Optimisation campaigns. As outlined earlier in this post there have been many changes to SEO, it is an extremely hot topic at the moment and one I will cover in future posts.

There has been a massive shift in focus within the company with the majority of our work being web based. As our company and team expands we will continue to develop and strive to be the best website agency in Peterborough, Stamford and the surrounding areas offering web design, development and online marketing.

We must not forget that even though our design experience is heavily focused around the web, we still maintain a lot, if not all of our original print and publishing contracts. This is still an area we are massively competitive in and always welcome any new print or publishing based projects. As it happens we currently have a few publishing opportunities that are already being negotiated for 2014.

I am extremely lucky and proud to be working with such a great team of Web Developers, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, SEO Practioners and Content Writers. With all these skills under one roof we are able to offer an outstanding service for our clients.

Together, we are Grey Coffee – Digital architects shaping the future of the web worldwide!