Certified Magento Development

Grey Coffee has proven experience developing bespoke Magento Ecommerce web solutions.

Magento is the leading provider of open source Ecommerce web solutions.

Magento can support online Ecommerce of all sizes from small – medium Ecommerce stores to enterprise level businesses.

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Ecommerce Web Development

Magento has developed at a rapid pace and now stands head and shoulders above any other Ecommerce platform. Magento provides high performance, scalable Ecommerce solutions.

The Magento platform is incredibly feature rich, has a range of supporting plug-ins & extensions and delivers high quality user experience.

Undertaking a Magento project will always start with a series of meetings. These meetings will help to define the scope & requirements of the Magento store.

These meetings allow us to gain an in-depth understanding of your business, any future objectives and identify the core requirements of the project.

Our Team will then formulate a proposal & project plan which sets out a defined project scope outlining how we aim to achieve any of the project objectives & maximise return on investment.

Design Driven Ecommerce

Following on from the planning phase of the project, we start to develop customer driven design ideas and visuals. 

These designs take the skeletal wire frames & start to conceptualise and visualise the new Ecommerce store aesthetics.

We ensure all design work is carried out to any existing brand guidelines. This ensures all brand elements are aligned and visually consistent.

Throughout the design phase we make sure that you are fully included and integrated with the process. This combined process allows us to share ideas, make calculated refinements, and ensure that we are all in agreement before the project goes to our development stage.

From Design to Development

On approval of the design visuals, the designs are handed over to a team of certified Magento developers.

They begin by converting the visuals into a fully functional website.

Your Magento Ecommerce solution will be built with clean custom code, using best practice which guarantees the site will be fully compliant with industry standards.

We create beautifully designed Magento websites, that are user friendly, functional, engaging and developed to the highest standards.

Seamless Integration

When competing within the digital market place we understand how important it is for your business to function effectively and efficiently. 

We have already outlined some of Magento’s key features, however Magento’s true power is unlocked when businesses have the requirement of seamless data or software integration.

Grey Coffee have experience providing support & integration development for all leading payment gateway providers, & CRM Solutions.

Our dedicated development team will work with you to identify any areas of automation & integration with your existing internal business systems.

Payment, Orders & Shipping

Grey Coffee’s dedicated Magento certified development team have experience providing Magento integration for all leading payment and software providers such as; Barclays, Sagepay, Paypal & Worldpay.

Orders & shipping can be handled in various ways. Some of our customers may just require a standard order/shipping process.

Others however may require shipping configurations based on product type, order value, location or weight.

Our development team will work with you to ensure the correct methods are configured and implemented correctly.

Magento Training

Content management gives you the ability to manage and update content on your website. When building a bespoke Magento website we have the ability to customise the content management system admin panel to include any specialist functionality that we have agreed for your project.

We can provide Magento training so that administrators and website managers gain a comprehensive understanding on how to add and remove products, process and complete orders and gain a understanding and familiarity with Magento.

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