Responsive web design is a term that is banded around these days an awful lot. Whilst responsive web design is nothing new we still see many websites that are responsive but fail to hit the mark when it comes to, user experience, ease of use and design clarity.

At Grey Coffee when we start to design a new website we always keep two key components in mind;

  1. Devices
  2. People

With responsive web design it is clear that devices matter, but they are not the single most important component. It is without doubt that people/users are the most important component or element when it comes to web design.

Responsive web design has broken down many challenges and problems we used to face as digital designers because we have the ability to now design and code websites so they format effectively and to their full potential across all devices.  There are however constraints that must be respected, and understood to design and develop a really good website.

Understanding the flow of a website and any responsive constraints will be what differentiates an entry level designer and an expert web designer.

When starting any new project at Grey Coffee we understand that there are some key elements with most if not all digital projects.

The four major components are as follows and understanding the synergy between each of them is what sets us apart as web design and development experts.

  • Information Architecture
  • Content
  • Code
  • UI – User Interface

How do we build these into the design process?

 Step 1. Questions …and lots of them!

With any new project we undertake, we always start with questions. The aim here is to ask as many questions as possible so that we start to build up knowledge and understanding of your business and industry.

Step 2. Lists

We make numerous lists, once we have all our questions answered we start to compile lists of key notes. These notes will be referred to later on when we start create the content maps.

Step 3. Content + Site Map Generation

We Traditionally use a mix of content and site mapping. This allows to efficiently group blocks of content together and allows us to start building a really clear project plan and architecture of content and website.

Step 4. Design & Expand

This part of the creative process is the bit we enjoy most. After all the hard work with the research and content mapping we can finally start to create visual concepts for your project. We start with a series of visual mock ups but most importantly we start the design process with mobile visuals first.
From here we ‘Design & Expand’. This allows us to ensure that the work we create will be fully operational on any device and not only will it look great on a mobile the user experience will be really good too.

Once we have the main concepts built on mobile we start to look how these visuals translate across other devices.

Step 5. Explore & Define

Once we have the visuals to a standard that we are happy with, we start to look how we can improve key elements of the visuals.

We look at all the UI (user interface) elements and how users interact and engage with different elements on the page. We explore color variables and how we could amend these to be more prominent or essential more obvious, if required.

Step 6: Code

Once all visual work has been completed we start to work on coding the website and bringing it to life. At the start of the project we will have identified the requirements of a CMS (Content Management System) and advised which would be most suited for your project.

Step 7: Test + Launch

On completion of all the coding work, we start to carry out extensive testing across multiple browsers and devices. When we are happy that the site is fully operation across all required devices and browsers we are ready to launch the website.

Grey Coffee are a team of specialised web designers and developers. As web designers we understand how important it is to understand, design clarity, ease of use, ease of navigation, engagement. Understanding all these elements ensures the work we create is not only beautiful to look at, but it really is effective and functional creating a positive return on investment for our clients.

Grey Coffee offers web design, web development and dedicated hosting to businesses in Nottingham and all over the UK.

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