Very often in our day to day lives we set out on missions, these could range from work projects, work goals, personal fitness goals the list goes on and on.

More often than not some of them are successful, others are a work in progress and some are a complete disaster. Let’s face it not everything always goes to plan.

We live in a commercial world where everything is designed to be made easier for the end user. For example, if you wanted to make your own beer you can get kits that will have all the elements together in one nice package, supplied with a step by step process on how to make it. The same goes for world cuisine, if you are a fan of pizza, curry, or even cake you can go to your local supermarket and buy these pre-packed solutions that take you one step closer to cooking greatness. They are essentially sold to us a ‘dummy’s guide’ to making a curry. How can you go wrong? With all the elements there for you to simply through together.

DIY website builders are a lot like all of the above examples. They are a nicely packaged, user friendly platform that provides cost effective web solutions.

So is our role as a dedicated web agency slowly fading away? …Absolutely not and here’s why.

Working with a dedicated agency comes with a lot of benefits. To start with you are working with a team that are totally immersed in the industry day in day out. We have an understanding of design trends, user experience and probably most importantly digital strategy.

Whilst the volume of choice when it comes to design templates has widely improved, a template website will look very similar to every other template on the internet. We all know the style, plenty of stock images, a very static home page and just maybe some elements that don’t format 100% correctly.

The online arena has become intensely competitive and its simply not enough to just have a website. A dedicated website agency will be able to design you with an engaging, conversion driven website that will elevate you amongst your competitors.

The added value of taking a dedicated agency on board is their understanding and knowledge of the web itself. We are able to analyse key metrics, consult and devise a strategy that will allow your website to help drive your business growth. We have tools that allow us to understand what users are actively doing on your website, and how we can translate this data to help increase conversions.

Over looking a websites user experience and strategy is like building a beautiful car and forgetting to fit the steering wheel.

DIY website builders do have a place in the market and will allow you to create a template web solution. It will be low cost, easy to use and should provide some form of conversion.

However, when a client has the requirement for a more considered and strategic approach there is no competition, a dedicated digital agency will be able to provide a far superior solution to any DIY solution on the market.

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