As a typical male shopping doesn’t rate very highly on my priority list. However, when I do decide to take the plunge and dedicate a day to ‘going shopping’, I will have a pretty clear idea in my head which shops I will be heading to. This wont have just happened by chance but its likely I will be visiting shops that not only sell what I want, but you can almost guarantee I will have been there before.

So what makes me go back?

There will be a few factors, customer service, price, atmosphere, brand choice and selection. All these factors improve and enhance the customers experience.

But what happens when that experience doesn’t live up to expectation?

You enter one of your favourite shops and you instantly recognise that something is not quite right. You can’t easily locate and find the brands you went in for. The shop assistant is sat chatting on their mobile phone. The floor space is covered in boxes full of stock that hasn’t been put away. What a disappointment!!

So what does this have to do with an Ecommerce store?

First impressions and user experience is so important. Especially when it comes to Ecommerce businesses.

Understanding how successful your online shop is at converting users into paying customers is really important. As an Ecommerce business you should be aware of the term conversion rate and how it effects your business.

There are many reasons why some people will still go in to a physical shop/store. It’s mainly because as people we like to touch and feel things and more so see what it is we are buying.

Like with any good project it all starts with the foundation. In this case it’s about ensuring you have a good Ecommerce store built with quality Ecommerce software. We work with two Ecommerce packages, WordPress WooCommerce and Magento. We consider these to be two of the premium open source applications for Ecommerce website development.

A quality designed Ecommerce store with well implemented UX (User Experience) will help to close the gap between the store and customers. It will increase engagement and provide the user with confidence to make a purchase.

Clear concise content that is succinct and engaging will keep users engaged and also ensure that they are not overloaded with unnecessary information.

As we briefly touched on, first impressions are everything. The main reason for this is because its so easy for a user to not like what they see, and click the close icon. If this is the case, they will simply find the next available site that sells the same product and purchase it elsewhere.

Stand out from the crowd

The home page is the first page a user will see, it needs to be engaging, visual and most importantly needs to differentiate you from your competitors. Partner this with simple call to action and a menu that is easy to navigate then you have taken your first steps to conversion success.

Once you have successfully managed to get a user to start looking at products then again this needs to be as simple as possible. Most successful Ecommerce stores will show a range of products by default and will then allow the user to filter the product results.

Aftersales are just as important as pre-sale

Most visitors of your store will not purchase the first time that they arrive at your website. Ecommerce abandonment is currently estimated at 68.63%. This is relatively high. It also confirms that most users will require a second interaction before they commit to purchasing.

A system is required to engage users and get them back to your store. This can be done with any of the following;

  • Email Marketing
  • New Offers
  • Social media
  • Competitions
  • Sales
  • Free Shipping

Be Credible

Reviews and ratings are a great way to become visible and gain credibility very quickly. Find a way to build these in to your sale process or even after sale process. Either way, it will help.

Customer Service

FAQS and Customer Service menu items are a must. They need to be visible, easy to navigate and display content in a non confusing way.

Live chat is also a good method that can help with customer service.

Have a look at your website, and ask yourself “if I was a customer and needed to ask the store a question how can do I do this?”. If you can do this easily, well done. If this is laboured even slightly then its certainly something that needs work and should be improved.

Check out … Check It Out!!

The one thing everyone looks for in a payment gateway is to ensure it is secure. Once they are happy that this has been satisfied then the next thing on the list is speed of payment.

Overall site speed should be monitored, if your site is slow not only will this effect your ranking in Google it will really start to annoy people. Once you are happy that your website site speed is in check then you should be reviewing your payment gateway. It is important to check you are using all its features, key ones like ‘one click check out’ will help your conversion success.

And Finally…

We understand that we have only scratched the surface with this post on Ecommerce User Experience.  If you would like Grey Coffee to review your website and how we could improve User Experience then get in touch.

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