Running an Ecommerce store is so much more than updating products and processing orders. One of the biggest success factors of an online store is not just the volume of sales, but its understanding how you convert these sales within your online platform.

Many people talk about conversion rate, and the golden question we always seem to get asked is ‘what is a good conversion rate’ or what is the average conversion rate? The answer is it doesn’t matter what the average is more importantly what is your conversion rate? That’s the real number we need to know, from there we can start to improve it.

Its always difficult to provide accurate averages with regards to conversion rate, because its not very often you have a like for like comparison. The biggest variable also is the quality of traffic. You could have a site with lots and lots of poor quality traffic and have a very low conversion rate. You could have the same website with a small amount of quality traffic and therefor have a high conversion rate.

A picture tells a thousand words

I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying, and we will say it again. Image quality is one of the biggest things that will help to sell your products.

Its very plausible that you could have an Ecommerce site with just super high quality images they would sell. Of course we wouldn’t recommend this, but users want a clear picture of what it is they are buying. Sounds obvious I know, but you’d be surprised at some of the poor quality images that we see. One of the key elements of increasing conversion is to ensure you have high quality images, and the more of them the better. Any additional image functions you can add to your product detail page will help, zoom, click to enlarge, multiple angles, in context etc.

Its all about the detail

Product descriptions need to be informative, hype free and give users enough information to give them the confidence that ‘this is the right product’ for them.

You should aim to have two product descriptions, a concise version and a longer more in-depth version. The short version is designed to give quick overviews, what it is, who its for and what it costs.

The longer version should leave the user with no further questions surrounding the product. If the user reads the full description and still has questions then you need to think about improving your long description. If your descriptions are good enough, then the user may even get half way through the description and already be convinced.

Its good practice to write your own descriptions, this allows you to add any personalisation and recommendations.

Personalisation + Customisation

Where possible users like to customise products. Spending a few moments customising a product really makes the user take ownership of the product.

Customisation is obviously suited to some products more than others. For example, a website selling gifts for him and her, will have the ability to incorporate personalised products easier than a car parts online store.

Free Shipping all round

It has been said that almost 50% of Ecommerce stores offer free shipping. Some are completely free, whilst others have some form of condition in order for you to qualify for the free shipping.

Free shipping has been noted as one of the biggest requirements of a user making an online purchase. In a study 73% listed it as critical and 93% suggested that free shipping would encourage the users to buy more from the online store.

Whilst all users will naturally want free shipping, it may actually make commercial sense to do so. Another Ecommerce study showed that orders taken with free shipping, average 30% higher in value.

Whilst it may not be feasible for you to offer free shipping, then its best to be totally up front with your shipping fees. If you can keep a simple pricing structure, i.e. a flat shipping rate on all products this should help.

47% of users indicated that they would stop and abandon a purchase if they got to the checkout and realised shipping was charged.

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