Following on from our post earlier this week, we are going to continue to look at elements that will help to increase your conversion success.

In our first post we looked at the importance of, image quality, product description, personalisation, customisation and shipping costs.

In this post we will look at other elements that will impact successful conversion on your Ecommerce store.

Users love offers!

 Research has proven that users love sales or offers. Many users that shop online will only buy discounted products or products that are currently on offer. 62% of users have expressed that they will always look for a section that has discounted or sale items within it.

Websites like Groupon and similar discount offer based websites have made users keep an eye out for a bargain.

Again not all Ecommerce stores can warrant having a sales or clearance section. However, if it is feasible then its definitely worth testing.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment happens all over the internet. If you are not familiar with the term, it defines the loss of a customer who is currently going through the check – out process.

A study carried out a few years ago highlighted that Shopping Cart Abandonment had reached an all time high of 72%.

The same study also showed that 89% of users had abandoned a check-out on at least one occasion. The reason that was identified for this happening was that users are more likely to compare with other online competitors even at the final stages of check out.

Another factor for this high percentage of users abandoning is due to them being shocked/unaware of high shipping costs.

There are a few common reasons why users abandon;

Price – users will shop for the best price. If your product is competitively priced or even higher than competitors, you can expect that some users will abandon.

Shipping – In the perfect world, most Ecommerce stores should figure out how to offer free shipping. However, this will not always be possible. Some users will abandon if they do not think your shipping fees have been published consistently through out the purchase or simply if they think they are too high.

Too Much Information – Some Ecommerce over step the mark with what is an acceptable amount of data to ask for when making a purchase. Some users will abandon if they are forced to register prior to making a purchase.

Site Speed – From product detail to processed order the site needs to be efficient. If its slow, then speed it up. Users will abandon if a site is not up to speed.

Lead Re-generation

 There are tools that allow you to follow up with users that may abandon during the check out. A lot of these tools can be automated so that you are able to attempt to reach out to these users as and when it occurs.

Abandonment campaigns have got varied results, some studies showing a 263% improvement and another company published figures of 500% return on investment with shopping cart abandonment campaigns.

The key to lead re-generation is to ensure that you always capture the email address. Its equally important that the initial abandonment follow up email goes out as soon as possible.

Add To Cart

Many users when they shop online, will add the items to the cart go look elsewhere online and if happy come back later and finalise the purchase.

When they return, if the items are not still in the shopping cart then they are not going to go through the process again. (unfortunately this is too much to ask)

There are two solutions to this, you either use a persistent shopping cart or you add a ‘Save Cart’ option.

Either of these two options will ensure that the user can add items to cart, navigate away from the site and return later to complete the purchase.

Clear Call to Action + Contact Information

This may not be seen as a significant conversion element but you would be surprised how this can help to boost conversions. Its about communicating to the user the various channels of how a user can get in touch with your business. This creates trust with the user, gives you more credibility and gives the user more purchasing confidence.

Many Ecommerce stores have noted that Live Chat has given users the opportunity to get the answers to quick questions, thus having a positive impact on conversion.

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