Like in any industry keeping up to date with the latest trends and industry developments is key to being successful. As outlined in a post earlier this month Responsive Web Design is certainly not anything new but something that is most definitely on most peoples horizon if they are looking to redevelop their website.

Responsive Web Design is certainly I think going to be one of the ‘buzz words’ of the year. If you didn’t catch my post on Responsive Web Design and what it actually is you can find it here.

So we know what Responsive Web Design is but why is it creating such a revolution in the world of website design?

There are many advantages to having a responsive website, the first of which is probably the most obvious reason. Over 40% of search traffic these days will be mobile. This means that users will be viewing your website on a mobile phone or a tablet of some description.  Over the next 6 – 12 months it is expected that in some instances mobile traffic will be as high as 60% of your overall user traffic. If your website is not cross device compatible then you could be loosing large amounts of traffic which realistically are your potential customers.

Like most things these days customer expectation is getting higher and higher. When visiting your website they are expecting an experience. One that leaves them excited and wanting to know more about the services you offer and what you can do for them. We all know first impressions are everything, and if that initial experience is poor or your website is not compatible to their device then trust me when I say they will not be sticking around.

Responsive Web Design = Happy Google

Before Responsive Web Design and Development it was very common for a company to have a desktop website and a dedicated mobile website. If this development was not carried out correctly, Google could be viewing both the sites now with duplicate content. Duplicate content can result in one of the sites being penalized which ultimately will effect your overall search engine rankings. Developing your website in a responsive framework will ensure that you have one single site that translates down across the relevant devices, making it much more SEO (search engine optimization) friendly.

Stay Ahead of your competition

It maybe that many of your competitors have not developed their website in a responsive framework. Use this to your advantage and help to stay ahead of your competition. Alternatively some of your competitors may have a responsive website already, for this reason you don’t want peoples perception of your brand to be diluted because you are not as current as some of your competitors.

To conclude a responsive website will provide your brand and business with many benefits. Your web solution will be more SEO friendly, your site will be compatible across all devices and more importantly your customers are going to be satisfied with the experience they have when browsing through your website.

Ask yourself is your website stuck in the stone age? If the answers yes then maybe you would like to discuss with Grey Coffee how we can help you develop your website in a responsive framework.

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