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SEO & PPC have become very popular forms of digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short, looks to improve your online reputation & visibility within search engines.

Pay Per Click or PPC for short is a form of online advertising. When a user searches for a particular keyword an advert is activated. On click of that advert the user pays for that ‘click’ which ultimately will have lead the user to their website.

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Search Engine Optimisation & Pay Per Click Advertising

SEO has become the single most profitable form of digital marketing.

SEO is a process by which we optimise your website, so that its reputation is increased within search engines. The optimisation and raised online reputation will mean that your website achieves higher search rankings for particular keywords and phrases.

The SEO process focuses on organic search listings. These are the main search results that listed when a user carries out a search.

Pay Per Click is a proven advertising model which is supported by all major search engines and social media platforms.

Pay Per Click is a proven method which will give you an instant route to market and very quickly can start generating sales through this channel of advertising.

Search Engine Optimisation

At Grey Coffee we ensure that the SEO methods we implement are White Hat SEO methods. 

White Hat SEO is essentially best practice & techniques which are approved and recognised by search engines and SEO practitioners.

Black Hat SEO services will reap short term gains. However bad SEO practices will effect your website in the future. Your website could suffer penalties & long term damage to online reputation and search rankings.

Pay Per Click

PPC can be a costly process if not carried out & managed correctly. 

PPC campaigns & management services are part of our full service digital marketing solutions.

PPC provides instant exposure and traffic to your website, products and services.

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