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Shopping Cart Abandonment – What We Need To Know – Part 1

In part 1 we looked at some of the facts and stats surrounding shopping cart abandonment. We then looked at how we can start build trust with our users to prevent this and also how something as simple as a progress indicator can help to prevent abandonment.

In this post we are going to look further into strategies that will help you to combat Shopping Cart Abandonment.

Simple Steps

Making an online purchase isn’t a linear process, far from it in fact. It’s more than likely a user will have a look and identify what they like. They may then come back on another device later, add those products to their basket. It’s then likely they will then go and look at some other online stores, before returning back to your shop to complete the purchase.

Having a logical navigation is essential to retaining the user as a customer. Your website navigation must follow a logical and well thought out user journey.  The same principle applies for a user that adds a product to their basket to completing the checkout. The easier you can make it for users to navigate between product and their cart will encourage them to complete the check-out process.

It’s crucial that users can save and return later. A cart in progress will make it easier for users to navigate away from the site and return later to complete the check out. Again this is a transition that needs to be seamless. If a user returns to the site and the products are not in their basket it is unlikely they will go through the site again add the products and then complete a check out.

Payment Choice

As we continue to stress we really want this whole process to be stress free and seamless. There should be no single action that comes between the user and checking out.  Research has shown that users respond to multiple payment options. It is important to consider mobile payment options as they are becoming increasingly popular to younger customers.

More payment options reduce the risk of the user abandoning their cart. This needs to be calculated though as more accounts means more merchant fees. It’s about finding the right balance that will give the user multiple options but at a rate that is manageable for your business.

Picture Perfect

Images are a good indicator to remind the user what they are buying. Don’t forget that when we buy products in-store we can physically touch the items we are purchasing. Users are not going to forget what they have added to their online shopping cart. Images

through-out the check-out will reinforce and help to re-assure the user of what they are buying.

Again the least distractions here the better. Images want to be of a size and clarity that you can identify the product. Images at this stage of the check-out helps to keep the user engaged. It also helps to provide reassurance that they are making the purchases that are for them.

Consistent Call To Action

Many Ecommerce websites will fail when it comes to clear and consistent call to action. Especially when it comes to the check-out pages. Many assume that because users have added items to their shopping cart that they will automatically check out. The check-out pages need to have clear and concise call to action to guide the user to complete the transaction.

Whilst call to action is important, it’s equally important to remember that these messages need to be consistent and in line with other CTA’s that you have through-out the rest of your website.

The tone of voice within the CTA needs to be considered and carefully selected. Understand where the user is within the whole process and target your language accordingly. Again, do not make assumptions at any point that the user will commit to making the purchase. They need to be carefully guided through the process with as little friction as possible.

In part 3 we will continue to look at shopping cart abandonment and strategies that will help to prevent users from abandoning at check out.

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