It has been proven that colour can play an integral role in successful UX.  Colour is mainly used within a website to highlight call to action, ensuring that any content or text is clearly visible. When it comes to user experience the colours used and context in which they are used are really important.  Colour can mainly be used to channel your sub conscious, it can help to create a reaction from users on your website and ultimately help to ensure that the experience they have on your website is overall very good.

The most recognisable colours are red, orange and green. Most commonly recognised as the user experience traffic lights.  Arguably they are not the most inviting colours or will even fit within your website theme. However, they are colours that evoke action and a response.

We are already familiar with these colours. Its not like we see a blue sign and instantly think we must action something. The likely hood is that you haven’t, that will mainly due to the fact that sub consciously you will react to a sign or button that is naturally red, orange or green.

Hubspot recently announced that by changing a single button colour resulted in an increased click rate of 21%. The result was that instant that upon changing the button after a few days of traffic they had noted the uptake.

It should be noted that UX isn’t all focused around engaging users by changing the colours of buttons to make your website more interactive. Its important to understand the overall experience and how these enhancements will improve the overall experience for the user.

Understanding colour will rely solely on you having a deep understanding and working knowledge of how users currently interact with your website. Its then your job to understand how colour will improve and create more engagement through out the user journey.

Red conveys importance and warnings

In our day to day lives red usually means caution or stop. Red is mainly used to catch your attention because its likely the action you may take will be important. For example, you’ve only got to look at the close button within your browser window. It hasn’t happened by chance that its red, its red because it wants you to think about the action before you click on it.
Red is also commonly used to trigger a warning message. The message box itself may not be in red, however the icon that sits alongside the message will more than likely be red. This is action is intended again to make you think about the action you are carrying out. Most of the time a message like this is used, as they do no want you to carry out the desired action.

Please wait or hold

Orange is typically used to signal an action that may be on hold or is awaiting completion. Think of the traffic light analogy, Red we are stopped or have come to a stop, orange we are still waiting for the lights to change to green.

This same theory is applied to any orange call to action on a website. These buttons are usually a button that will identify something as unsaved or incomplete.

Orange needs to be used carefully as if over used it can become confusing. The user journey will become diluted as they wont fully understand what is a positive required action and what is not.

Giving it the green light!

Green is generally used to identify to the user that an action has been completed. Many online processes will use green to help guide users throughout the process. Each step can be completed with a green button which helps the user to understand that, that part has been completed.

Colour theory will continue to develop when it comes to UX. Its important to understand that they will not always apply to every online situation. More and more designers are using more minimal design styles however its important to understand how colour can help with user engagement.

Being able to implement UX colour theory will be reliant on you understanding your user journey. Identify key actions within that journey and then review how you think you can improve these call to actions and gain higher engagement.

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