Email is used worldwide, and statistics would suggest that 34% of people around the world use and interact with emails daily. That equates to 2.5 billion people, and the figure today is understood to be even more than that!  Last year it was forecast that by the end of 2017 that number would be closer to 3 billion people.

A huge proportion of email that is sent daily is certainly business email. In the latest study it was estimated there are 196 billion emails sent daily and a major proportion of that (109 billion) was estimated to be business email.

Subconsciously email has become a big part of our lives. Week in week out we will receive vibrant and powerful email marketing experiences from our favourite brands and look forward to the next one arriving in our mailbox.  Email marketing has become

Email marketing is a super efficient way to engage with your target audience and customers.  Personalisation is becoming such a key asset online and email marketing is no different. You can tailor your campaigns to user interest so that it feels more unique and bespoke for that particular user.

What is the end goal?

With any marketing strategy there needs to be a goal. Within the online arena we usually share a common goal… Conversion. If you haven’t seen our other posts on online conversion then be sure to check them out.

Increasing Ecommerce Conversion – Part 1

It has been proven that email marketing is a superior tool for customer acquisition.  If you are looking for customers, supporters or members email marketing will help you to achieve this.

Email Marketing = Low cost

Email marketing is suited to all businesses regardless of size. One of the main reasons for this is because it’s so cost effective. It gives you the ability to target a large amount of customers, with little overheads and a cost per mail that is close to zero.  Email marketing is that effective that 85% of retailers consider email marketing to be a primary tool for customer acquisition.

It is important to recognise that in order to achieve success with email marketing, you need to ensure that your database/marketing list is kept up to date. Good in-house maintenance of your marketing lists will ensure that engagement levels and higher response rate are running at optimum levels.

Don’t end up in the Junk!

 Email marketing is a proven method when carried out correctly allows you to engage directly with your customers at a time that suits them.

Tone of voice is just as important as the content you are delivering to them. If you currently are using bulk lists and send to all, then it may be worth revisiting your sign up strategy. Ideally we want to be building various lists with a broad set of interests. For example we may have a ‘web design list’ ‘Hosting List’ ‘App Development List’. By creating set lists of users you can tailor the content that is delivered to them. If we sent a mass mail to all, then it’s likely after a while we may just end up in their spam/junk mail folder.  Third party software will allow you to manage your lists, users and how your mail templates operate. Most will allow you to address customers by their first name, and test mail subject lines which are unlikely to be delivered to the junk mail box.


Most emails you see will engage with the user to interact. This may be to click on some social offer, blog posts, company information or even competitions. Make sure you think about the action of each mail, how the user will interact is vitally important to keep them engaged with your business and brand.

Analytics and metrics

As an agency we are driven by web metrics and data. It is actual data from your customers, which can provide considerable insight. By using analytics and metrics, it takes away any guesswork too; you can work with key facts. Most email marketing software will give you a sample of metrics. Most commonly, you will be shown, who subscribed, who clicked on what, who opened etc.

One of the most effective ways to optimise your campaign is to run some A/B testing. This allows you to split test different campaigns. For example you may start one campaign with a high impact offer based subject line, then send the same campaign with a softer less sales focused subject line. You would be able to compare which produced the most engagement and refine accordingly.

Mobiles at the ready

Most users will have a smart phone, this gives them the ability to check their email on the go. Many users will check their emails when they get up, on the way to work, waiting in line for a coffee; on the train… the list is endless.

Ensure that your campaigns are mobile responsive, with mobile device usage on the up, then its worthwhile doing sufficient testing on mobile before you send out any mail campaigns.

Whilst many will say that social media will far out weigh any email marketing efforts, this strictly isn’t the case.  Email marketing is still a widely used and recognised marketing strategy and should be well positioned within your marketing efforts.

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