One of the most frequent questions that we get asked here at Grey Coffee is how can we optimise our website so that it improves conversion rates?

Quite honestly there isn’t one answer that we could give as a generic/global answer that would solve your web design woes.

There are a few elements that will certainly enhance the User Experience of your website. In this post we will look at these elements and how we can tailor them to help improve conversion.


How quickly you can engage a user on your website will be the first key to success.

If for example a user lands at your website on their mobile and the responsive coding hasn’t been carried out correctly and then the page takes ages to load then the first impression has been pretty poor.

Users make instant decisions based on the very first image they are presented with. If this image is bad its likely they will navigate away from the site. If this image is, smart, snappy, and engaging they are likely to explore further.

Many people get mislead about above the fold design. There is no doubt that the key content of your website will sit above the fold. This doesn’t mean though that we shouldn’t encourage the user to scroll. Its important for a user to scroll and engage with the content on your landing page.

Its quite easy to make a user scroll, create content that makes them wanting more. Visuals cues can navigate users down the page and finally good use of compelling and concise content will encourage the user to find out more about what you do.

There is a fine line between not enough content and too much. Big blocks of text will be disregarded, but too little and you wont give enough of the information that key users will be looking for.

Ease of use.

 As humans we have a tendency to engage more effectively to anything if we are slightly familiar of the concept.

For example most users when they land on a website they will look to the top left of the screen to identify the company logo/brand. They will then look across to the right and locate the primary navigation. Then naturally they start working down the page.

It creates an ‘F’ shape pattern and is widely recognised as the natural path a user will take when viewing a website. Your content and design should reflect, therefore making it logical and familiar with the user even if it’s the first time they may have visited your website.

If a user lands on your website and struggles to locate the primary navigation or cant easily identify the flow of your website then unfortunately this is going to make it harder to convert users into customers.


 Being efficient isn’t just about fast page loading, logical content flow, and ease of navigation. Being efficient is all about knowing when and what images to use, plus how much or how little content is required.

These days most decision makers have very little time to sit trawling through a website. They will literally scan through your website until something catches their eye. This could be an image, headline or animation. Its important to understand what information they will be looking for and making it very easy for them to find it.

Keep a good balance between images and content. Use word formatting to strengthen keywords and make them stand out in a paragraph of ordinary text.


Tone of language is key for conversion, there’s no use using long fancy words if you don’t understand what they mean.

Engage users in a nice friendly tone of voice, which anyone will understand.

So the moral of this post really is to keep it simple. You have one chance to engage a new user and that first impression is vital. Quick page loading speed and clear communication of content will allow users to identify quickly what they are looking for. Encourage content that will engage them further into your website and which ultimately gets them to scroll. Simple and easy to use navigation is key to getting them to delve deeper within your website and finally some form of call to action must be easy to find and use.

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