The Web Development Revolution

In todays digital world web development services are very much focused around one key element…Mobile Development. A development revolution has taken place and it is now even more important for websites to be developed within a fully responsive framework.  This means that your website must be responsive to all screen sizes and devices in order for it to make a statement in a ever changing digital landscape.

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A Fully Responsive Web Development Agency. What coding language do you speak? 

Effective web development is much more than just the code that sits behind the visuals of your website.  We design and develop solutions that will help to streamline the digital elements of your business.

Web development can become a key element of your project if you are looking to communicate and function within internal business systems. We have worked on many projects whereby the website is an integral part of other internal systems.

Our technical web development expertise allows us to offer web development for a basic brochure website but also for more complexed systems such as;

  • Ecommerce Web Development
  • Bespoke Booking Systems
  • Bespoke Web Solutions
  • Bespoke Web Applications
  • Bespoke Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Bespoke Content Management

Grey Coffee is a quality and professional web development agency. We offer web development services to businesses in Nottingham and all across the UK. If you would like to discuss with Grey Coffee the web development services that we offer then pick up the phone or send us an email and we will be happy to help.

Website Automation

Website automation is something we are doing more and more of. These days webmasters of highly function driven websites are looking how they can increase and improve the efficiency of their website. 

We look at any of the systems and core functions in place and see how we can look to automate elements which then ensures systems and processes are then automated.

Offering Web Development Services to businesses in Nottingham + Across the UK

Responsive web design is a term that is banded around these days an awful lot. Whilst responsive web design is nothing new we still see many websites that are responsive but fail to hit the mark when it comes to, user experience, ease of use and design clarity.

Responsive web design has broken down many challenges and problems we used to face as digital designers because we have the ability to now design and code websites so they format effectively and to their full potential across all devices. There are however constraints that must be respected, and understood to design and develop a really good website.

Understanding the flow of a website and any responsive constraints will be what differentiates an entry level designer and an expert web designer.

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