Within our agency we have developers that speak various coding languages, and can produce words that many of us have never even heard of.

In this post we are going to look at some of the terms that are banded around the office and hopefully clarify any grey areas you may have.


 A ‘Breadcrumb’ is a form of navigation. It identifies to the user their current position within their user journey.

So for example If you landed on a online shop and navigated to a shop category then a product within that category the breadcrumb would look something like this;

Home/Product-category/Product Detail

Each element is active, which means you can click at any point and return to that page.


Whilst I’m sure many of you will understand this term. Animation is a technique that allows us to add motion to elements on the page.

Animation can help to engage users to important page elements. It can also be used for page transitions and menu’s.

Empty State

This refers to a webpage or application when it is yet to be populated with content. The page or app is designed and the elements are formatting correctly but simply requires content for it to be complete.

Fixed Layout

If a website has a fixed layout, then it will format all the elements to an exact width. This is usually in pixels, for example, before responsive web design we would always design websites to be 960px wide.

Flat Design 

Flat design is a style. This style is very minimalist, the aesthetic is supposed to be very clean, simple and not over complicated. It is aimed to reduce the complexity of design, and make the user focus on the content.


Fluid Layout

This refers to how a website resizes to different device widths. A fluid layout will re-size as the width of the device changes.

Hero Image

This is also known as the banner. It is usually an oversized image/banner that sits above the fold.

They are a high quality image, usually formatted full width and present relevant content/messages to the users.

Landing Page

A landing page can be described in two different formats. More recently a landing page is regarded as a single page designed website. It is simply one page, usually with some content, images and call to actions.

Landing page can also be used to describe where a user lands within your website.


This is a technique used to create visual and small changes to an on screen element. It helps to make the action more engaging, smoother and more visual.

A transition is different to an animation because they will have a defining start and end point. A good example would be the change of states of a button when you hover over the button with your mouse.

White Space

White space refers to the blank space that sits around elements within your web page. It can also be called negative space. Good use of white space will make a design feel airy and spacious. Bad use of white space will result in a very cluttered looking web page.

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