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Whilst we offer a whole host of creative services, our heart belongs in the digital world and our team consists of a broad range of skilled professionals, graphic designers, creatives strategists and digital developers. Our agile approach to project management means that the client is actively involved in the process and can monitor performance and request changes at any time throughout the project with minimum disruption. We believe that truly great work comes out of collaboration and our enthusiasm to learn and develop our skills set is one of the many things that give us our competitive edge.

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Grey Coffee’s Core Values


A Commitment to Delivering Excellence

As dedicated web experts our passion has been about producing and creating beautifully engaging digital experiences. Creative concept generation is an area of expertise that really sets Grey Coffee apart from other agencies. Our innate understanding of the web and how users interact with the internet, combined with our ability to listen carefully to our clients, ensures we provide maximum Return On Investment on everything we deliver.

Throughout my career as a designer I have been fortunate to work with some truly great designers and innovators. After graduating, my design journey initially started in Thailand working with Starboard, the largest windsurfing brand in the world. Here I had the opportunity to learn & work with Svein Rasmussen (Starboard Founder), Tiesda You (Brand Manager & Product Development) & Jim Drake (the inventor of windsurfing). I was fortunate to be able to build up invaluable design experience working alongside many different designers, engineers and some inspirational innovators.

This amazing opportunity gave me a ticket to travel the world meeting many people from differing cultures and ways of life. A key learning from this remarkable time, was the knowledge that there was always more than one solution to reach a successful outcome in life or design, it just needed the willingness and open mindedness to look for it.

A Commitment To Delivering Excellence
A keen eye for detail & a commitment to delivering excellence. Every project we undertake we aim to deliver on time, on budget and more importantly exceed all expectation you may have of us.

Grey Coffee has the will to win, the desire to succeed and the urge to reach our full potential. These are the keys that unlock the door to our excellence.

Duncan Milne

Founder - Creative Director


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