Brand Naming & Identity
Crafting the perfect name and shaping brand identities
Brand Naming & Identity
Crafting the perfect name and shaping brand identities
Brand Naming & Identity

Crafting names and identities that resonate with your audience

You’re faced with the challenge of coming up with a suitable brand name for your business or you may even need to rebrand.  

To craft the perfect brand name there needs to be clarity so that everyone (your team) is aligned about your positioning and core brand offering. From there it is an iterative process working collectively to create a unique, distinctive and memorable name. 

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Enabling you to create meaningful brand names and shape memorable identities.
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    Creating names and identities that are distinctively unique

    If you have ever tried to come up with a brand name for your business you will know that the process can be highly taxing and sometimes very frustrating. The search can seem endless and every good idea is met with an online search which soon confirms the name is already taken.

    Our holistic approach means we guide you from concept right through to the design of the identity. Ensuring that you create a cohesive and connected brand identity.

    Enabling you to create memorable brand names and identities

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    Duncan Milne | Grey Coffee Founder

    Our vision and belief is to inspire brands to lead with purpose and shape experiences that connect their brand with more customers.

    Our Ambition


    "A perfect fit in both company and culture"

    Duncan, Grey Coffee and Digital Infrastructure Group are a perfect fit – in both Company and Culture.

    They share the same work ethic and creative force as our Global Leadership Team and deal with the pressures of an ever changing entertainment environment.

    Their commitment to the creative, to the job, the task at hand and delivering is exemplary.

    Stephen Millard
    DIGNetwork Founder | Former Head EPIC Records Australia | Former Senior Director Marketing, Sony Music Entertainment Australia

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    All good relationships can start over a coffee. If you’re ready to reduce the gap that exists between your brand and customers let’s start with coffee and a chat.

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    Grey Coffee are a brand consultancy that specialises in brand strategy and commercial interior design.

    Our approach is focused solely on the idea of connected brand experiences. We are agile, highly committed to our process and operate as a small and purposeful team. As a brand strategy agency we are able to guide your brand through the challenges you face when building a brand. Grey Coffee was founded and is managed by brand consultant and brand designer Duncan Milne.

    Brand consultancy is one of our specialist areas of expertise and we are able to support you in the following areas; Brand Strategy Consulting, Brand Design, Brand Naming, Brand Identity and Brand Clarity & Strategy Workshops.

    We very much believe in the marriage between brand design and commercial interior design. A core principle being the idea of connected brand experiences. Our commercial interior design expertise consists of the following, restaurant interior design, coffee shop interior design and retail store design.