We exist to build brands with purpose and shape connected experiences

As your brand grows you face new challenges.

Making the right decisions for your brand future, clearly communicating brand meaning and managing brand experiences are key considerations for your brands success.

Fuelled by holistic brand thinking we work with business leaders, entrepreneurs and executive teams to position your brand for future growth. Together with brand strategy and interior architecture we inspire your brand to lead with purpose and shape connected experiences.

Duncan Milne | Grey Coffee Founder & Brand Strategist

Our vision and belief is to inspire brands to display a duty of care to their people, their customers and their purpose. In doing so we can help them to create authentic, and connected brand experiences.

Brand thinking for connected experiences

Our approach enables brands to increase profitability, build winning strategy and shape authentic and consistent customer first connected brand experiences.

When you take into consideration the pace at which your brand and business can grow shaping connected experiences isn’t easy.

We adopt a holistic approach which guides you to create brand clarity and alignment. In doing so we create connected experiences which strategically positions your brand for future growth.

Let us guide your brand with clarity and help you to shape connected experiences

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Grey Coffee has operated as a creative design agency for over 10 years. We have refined our approach to combine the expertise of a brand design agency, a digital design agency and an interior design agency.

More recently we have shifted our approach to focus entirely on connected brand experiences. Our approach is agile, driven by process and we operate as a small and purposeful team. Grey Coffee is unique in that we believe in the marriage of brand consultancy and commercial interior design. Brand consultancy is one of our specialist areas of expertise and we are able to support you in the following areas; Brand Strategy Consultancy, Brand Design, Brand Naming and Brand Workshops. Grey Coffee is a creative design agency that works across the UK however many of our clients are based in London or Manchester. Shaping connected brand experience is about consistently managing the meaning and feeling your customers get when they interact with your brand. Any brands that have physical or interior environments we can help to shape this experience with brand thinking. We use our skill and expertise for retail interior design, hospitality interior design, restaurant interior design and bar interior design. If you would like to work with a creative design agency that uses brand thinking for connected experiences then we will support and guide your brand transformation.