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Crafting authentic experiences through captivating branding & impeccable interior design.
Join us on this exciting adventure as we awaken your brand’s true potential, delivering memorable experiences that fascinate and inspire both you and your customers.

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Duncan Milne | Grey Coffee Founder

We inspire clients to create unique distinctive brands and memorable interior spaces. As one of the top branding agencies in the UK we pride our ability to help clients create winning strategy, develop creative ideas and build great brands that secure the long term success of their business.

We specialise in crafting exceptional brand identities & transforming commercial spaces into captivating experiences

Collaborating with founders, entrepreneurs, and executive teams, we blend the power of brand strategy and intelligent design to craft compelling narratives that resonate deeply with your target audience.

Do you want to future proof your brand for long term success? Or do you dream of creating inspiring interiors that leaves a lasting impression on your customers?

Look no further Grey Coffee are the unparalleled branding agency and interior design agency that has the vision to tell your unique story. Our exceptional branding process has been tried and tested (successfully) by many brands. Trust us to create a brand and visual identity that brings your brand story to life through a fusion of creativity, strategic project management, and cutting-edge design thinking. Giving your business a significant competitive advantage over your competitors.

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A full service agency tailored for the digital age

Combining our expertise in branding strategy and intelligent design, we work closely with ambitious brands, business owners, founders, and executive teams to create cohesive experiences that helps your brand stand out from the rest. 

A strong brand is not just a logo design or a catchy slogan

We develop a comprehensive brand strategy that encompasses every aspect of your business. Our brand agency will tailor and align a visual identity that resonates deeply with your ideal customers setting you apart from your competitors.

Does your brand meet your customers expectations?

Many of the brands we support all share the same challenge; they want to be able to effectively and consistently communicate their story across every customer touch point and through all brand visual elements.

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All good relationships can start over a coffee. If you’re ready to reach new heights and explore how we can transform your branding project, digital marketing or interior space let’s start with coffee and a chat.

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Agency Review

Passionate about design and brand experience Grey Coffee combines the expertise of a branding agency and interior design agency. Grey Coffee have been mentioned amongst some of the best branding firms in the UK!

Established in 2010 Grey Coffee set out as a digital marketing and branding firm. Fuelled with the ambition to design show stopping brands and shape digital experiences (web design & digital products) that would impact business growth. Since then our branding services have evolved and we've completed lots of inspiring work. Working with many award winning brands such as Reebok, Forest Holidays and O2 Telefonica. As a branding agency, we have a wealth of understanding and experience that enables us to create brands that are successful and able to sustain long term growth. We have even been mentioned amongst some of the top London branding agencies in the UK!

Most branding companies offer expertise in strategy, creating your unique value proposition, brand identity and web design. Grey Coffee have developed specialist skills in building cohesive brands across all customer channels (online, web design, digital space and in-person experiences). Whilst some may describe us as a marketing agency we feel that we’re best placed as a full service creative agency.

We are a strategic branding agency based outside of London but support businesses across the UK. From London to Manchester and everywhere in-between. Our team is well equipped to build award winning brands, help shape your vision and turn your ideas into commercial success. Partnering with your team (founders, executive team, marketing) we begin by understanding the challenges you face and deliver a strategic plan that will help to overcome, achieve and accomplish your company goals.

Brands can create and form powerful connections with their customers.

Our emotions can naturally play a big impact on decision making. With the right strategy your marketing and branding efforts can trigger an emotional response. If you want to leave a memorable lasting impression on your customers then our team and brand services can help to do exactly that!

Our team helps you to build a brand that has its own unique story, voice and values. Our clients typically want to create an authentic (and sometimes award winning) new brand strategy which they're able to communicate consistently through their marketing efforts and sales channels (brand identity design, web design, online, video, social media). Whether your brand has the ambition to drive innovation, inspire employees or make a difference in this world we will ensure your brand resonates as an extension of your customers own identities.

Grey Coffee aren't just another design agency in London or a 'traditional' marketing agency for that matter - We believe we're one of the best branding companies in the country and currently service clients across the UK and some internationally too!