Digital Transformation & Consultancy
Customer focussed and highly connected digital experiences
Digital Transformation & Consultancy
Customer focussed and highly connected digital experiences
Digital Transformation & Consultancy

Digital Transformation - brand & customer focussed digital solutions

We take your design ideas and deliver strategic, performance driven digital solutions. 

Grey Coffee have a proven track record in developing and delivering customer focused websites, apps and other digital solutions. Grey Coffee can ensure your brand is aligned with any (digital) customer touch point. 

Grey Coffee will guide and lead you through your digital transformation. 

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We are ready to guide your digital transformation and create connected experiences.

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    Collaborative design teams delivering exceptional expertise

    Our success in digital is due to our ability in bringing together expert digital teams. We will connect you with key development partners that will be able to provide the specialist support you need to develop anything from a bespoke website to a highly functional native app.

    We cover everything from the problem we set out to solve, the technical qualities of the project, user experience, the look and feel and most importantly ensure the brand communication and overall experience is customer focussed and aligned with your brand.

    We are ready to enable your digital transformation

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    Duncan Milne | Grey Coffee Founder

    Our vision and belief is to inspire brands to lead with purpose and shape experiences that connect their brand with more customers.

    Our Ambition


    "We have a brand our whole team cares about"

    Our company collateral was self made. Branding basically consisted of our basic logo and a DIY website. 

    Our communication and customer experience didn’t represent what we offered or value as a consultancy. We spent a tedious amount of time getting the website how we wanted and even then it didn’t perform very well.

    After meeting with Grey Coffee it soon became clear that we had no real plan or strategy regarding our brand. What really appealed to us was how Grey Coffee had an approach and process that would clearly set out the strategy required to help develop our brand across all customer touch points. 

    After a number of brand strategy sessions, a complete brand and digital transformation things look quite different. We have a brand our whole team cares about and a website that actively generates new leads for us. 

    Ben Floyd
    Managing Director

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    All good relationships can start over a coffee. If you’re ready to reduce the gap that exists between your brand and customers let’s start with coffee and a chat.

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    Grey Coffee are a brand consultancy that specialises in brand strategy and commercial interior design.

    Our approach is focused solely on the idea of connected brand experiences. We are agile, highly committed to our process and operate as a small and purposeful team. As a brand strategy agency we are able to guide your brand through the challenges you face when building a brand. Grey Coffee was founded and is managed by brand consultant and brand designer Duncan Milne.

    Brand consultancy is one of our specialist areas of expertise and we are able to support you in the following areas; Brand Strategy Consulting, Brand Design, Brand Naming, Brand Identity and Brand Clarity & Strategy Workshops.

    We very much believe in the marriage between brand design and commercial interior design. A core principle being the idea of connected brand experiences. Our commercial interior design expertise consists of the following, restaurant interior design, coffee shop interior design and retail store design.