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Brand Design
We design distinctive brands

Unique & Distinctive Brand Design

Brand design is essential to give your brand an identity. The brand design process can only start once you have a clear understanding of your brand. A brand strategy will help you to define your brand but building a distinctive and memorable brand identity is the next part of the challenge.

Grey Coffee is a brand studio that has experience working with brands of all sizes. We believe that to create a cohesive brand you must have visual and verbal brand clarity. What we really mean by this is that everyone must agree and align on what the brand stands for and how that translates into the brand communication and brand design.

Far too often we see inconsistent design implementation across a number of customer touch points. This dilutes the overall brand image and in turn starts to become confusing for both the customer and the people that work within the brand.

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    Brand Design

    Your brand is one of the most valuable things to invest in as a business. Competitors can match your prices, they can even copy your products or services but they will never be able to copy or replicate your brand.

    We believe that your brand design should communicate a unique and compelling story that only you can tell. We combine intelligent design with a brand strategy that will connect with your customers on a much deeper level.

    As a brand studio we believe that to transform new customers into returning customers your brand must be perfectly positioned for your customers needs. Not only this you must be meaningfully different, distinctive and most importantly deliver on the brand promises you make.

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    What our customers say...

    "A perfect fit in both company and culture"

    Duncan, Grey Coffee and Digital Infrastructure Group are a perfect fit – in both Company and Culture.

    They share the same work ethic and creative force as our Global Leadership Team and deal with the pressures of an ever changing entertainment environment.

    Their commitment to the creative, to the job, the task at hand and delivering is exemplary.

    Star Star Star Star Star
    Stephen Millard
    DIGNetwork Founder | Former Head EPIC Records Australia | Former Senior Director Marketing, Sony Music Entertainment Australia

    Grey Coffee
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    Grey Coffee Team: Duncan Milne Portrait Photo

    Duncan Milne | Grey Coffee Founder

    We inspire clients to create unique distinctive brands and memorable interior spaces.

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    Brand Design that increases business growth, profitability & brand loyalty

    Building a brand is so much more than developing a logo and graphical identity system. Take a moment to think about brands that you particularly like or align yourself with. Think about why you like that brand, maybe it says something about your personality or character, maybe it puts you in a community of like minded people, whatever the reason there will be a very real and usually human or emotional connection as to why you like that particular brand.

    See below a number of commonly asked brand design questions.

    What does a branding studio do?

    A brand studio helps to define a brand and can assist with the brand identity and design implementation also. A branding studio is usually responsible for creating an identity and look and feel that is cohesive in its approach. Verbal and visual brand clarity is essential in understanding how to scale and grow your brand.

    How do I find a brand studio?

    If you are looking to find the right brand studio you can consider the following:


    • Determine and set out the criteria in which you will shortlist an agency.
    • Make sure you meet the people you will be working with.
    • Seek social proof from case studies, client testimonials or reviews.
    • Ask questions around the process and make sure you are aligned on what a successful outcome looks like.

    What makes a good brand studio?

    A good brand studio (like any business) should be well presented. It’s true what they say that first impressions leave a lasting impact so the initial experience you have when interacting with a brand studio should be professional, meaningful and memorable. A good brand studio will be able to display a good understanding of the challenges you face and have demonstrable experience (client examples, project case studies, testimonials) in delivering projects of a similar nature.

    What is a branding expert?

    Brand experts have a specialist set of skills that are deeply focussed around the different elements and attributes that make up a brand. Brand experts understand the dynamics of vision, positioning, identity, narrative, touch points (and much more) but more importantly they are able to transfer this understanding into actionable insight which will help to transform and elevate your brand.

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