Client: Ashmere
Location: Derbyshire
Project Type: Brand Design  Digital Transformation  
Contractor: N/A
Grey Coffee were appointed by Ashmere to help with the development of the Ashmere brand. After our initial meeting it was clear that they needed some help with the overall brand strategy. This would help them to consistently communicate the brand across all customer touch-points. As part of the brand development we helped with the brand positioning, brand identity and website.

Measuring Success. 

For every project we’re appointed on, we believe it’s important for us to understand how design and business align. In doing so we are able to measure the impact of our efforts.  As part of the brand development we provided Ashmere with the following services and agreed on a number of key deliverables within our scope of work.

Brand Strategy | Brand Workshops | Brand Design | Digital Transformation


Ashmere have an incredible amount of passion for delivering great care as a local family run business

Ashmere are committed to providing families the support and information they need at what is usually such a turbulent time in their lives. Ashmere helps to guide, support and offer care solutions which will be truly suitable for each individual’s circumstances.

Their professional and experienced team do this with empathy and passion, because at the heart of the team is the shared intention and understanding that anyone can become part of the Ashmere family. There were two key parts to the Ashmere project: we would work on the brand first and then identify how we could better align their website to suit the needs of their business.
Like most projects we began with the brand first and started with a series of workshops which would really help us to get to grips with the brand and business. These collaborative workshops bring everyone together from the MD to the Head of Marketing.

We run through a series of tasks which help us to really unlock and identify any issues the business may be facing and what we can do to solve these. We discuss what we aim to achieve as part of our collaboration and identify what success will look like in terms of the project. Ensuring we are aligned on these points help to build the foundation of a great working relationship.

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Passionate about brand experience & design Grey Coffee combines the expertise of a Brand Consultancy & a Commercial Interior Design Agency

Established in 2010 Grey Coffee set out to design brands and shape digital experiences that would impact business growth and brand loyalty. Since then Grey Coffee has evolved, we have a wealth of understanding and experience that enables us to create successful brands that are able to sustain long term growth.

We have developed our own unique brand strategy workshops, provided brand consultancy for a number of very successful brands (see our client list above) and continue to evolve our brand expertise and services when it comes to brand storytelling, brand communication and brand design.

Over the years it became clear to us that businesses struggle to consistently communicate their brand across every customer touchpoint. When the opportunity arose for us to be involved with a complete brand transformation which included the interior design of a commercial space it made us stop and totally rethink and re-imagine the future of Grey Coffee.

The project made us review the impact of brand design and Commercial Interior Design on the overall customer experience. It became really clear to us that the two are intrinsically connected.

Fast forward to today Grey Coffee is widely recognised as a hospitality agency that has successfully delivered a wide range of projects including; bar interior design, cafe interior design, coffee shop interior design, restaurant interior design and restaurant branding.