Restaurant Interior Design
We design inspiring restaurant interiors
Restaurant Interior Design
We design inspiring restaurant interiors
Restaurant Interior Design

Transforming spaces and designing inspiring restaurant interiors

We believe in designing restaurant interiors that shape a sensory experience for your customers. Obviously we want the interior space to be inspiring and visual but we want to communicate something bigger than this. We build upon your brand story and narrative. We align the design experience with your food concept and as a project team make sure the culture and vibe of the restaurant is understood. This is really important when it comes to shaping the overall experience for the customer. 

We can provide restaurant interior design for casual and high-end restaurants, bars, hotels and holiday villages (E.g. Forest Holidays).When designing a restaurant interior we work hard to understand the project requirements in terms of budget and delivery time. 

Our specialist restaurant interior design team is focused on creating a brand experience that is memorable, distinctive and timeless in it’s approach.

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    Restaurant Design

    Grey Coffee specialises in design for hospitality and have worked on restaurant design projects in London, Manchester and across the UK. The scope of our services span from restaurant branding through to a full restaurant interior design service. This includes support from the restaurant interior concept design phase right through to technical design and construction/fit out.

    Our Process

    Brand Strategy
    Facilitate clarity workshops to develop a clear & winning strategy

    Brand Identity
    Design implementation of brand identity

    Brand Experience
    Create verbal and visual brand clarity to shape better brand experiences

    App user experience and look and feel to ensure it’s brand aligned

    Art and image direction for look and feel and brand communication

    Digital transformation, design and development for online brand experience

    Concept Design
    Interior design concepts that align with your brand DNA

    Technical Design
    Technical design support and preparation of technical drawing packs

    Fit Out & Contractors
    Liaising and coordination of fit out teams and external contractors

    Projects & Insights
    Restaurant Interior Design

    Below you will find a number of restaurant interior design projects & insights which you may find useful:

    Ready to design a restaurant that everyone is talking about?

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    Grey Coffee Team: Duncan Milne Portrait Photo

    Duncan Milne | Grey Coffee Founder

    Our vision is to inspire our clients to understand how brand strategy and design can future proof the success of a business. We help our clients create unique distinctive brands and inspiring interiors.

    Our Ambition


    "Amazing feedback from our customers"

    We were moving our retail space, the process was completely new to us and we didn’t know where to start. 

    After a number of meetings with Grey Coffee it was clear they had a real understanding of the challenges we may face and had a clear process and vision as to how they would guide our interior transformation. 

    Whilst like many we have suffered with the effects of a global pandemic we can’t wait for our customers to return to our amazing new retail space. 

    Richard Smith
    Founder - Richard Smith

    Talk To Us

    All good relationships can start over a coffee. If you’re ready to explore how we can transform your brand or interior space let’s start with coffee and a chat.

    Grey Coffee specialises in Restaurant Interior Design for hospitality and food and beverage brands.

    Grey Coffee uses brand thinking to create restaurant interiors that are highly connected to your brand DNA. We believe to create a truly stunning restaurant interior it is important to have complete brand clarity which can then be translated verbally and visually within the restaurant design.

    Grey Coffee is a design studio that is made up of restaurant brand designers and restaurant interior designers. We work collectively to ensure that your restaurant branding aligns with your restaurant and bar design. We believe in creating connected experiences meaning that we design restaurants that connect with more customers and become more profitable.

    We are a team of restaurant designers that are incredibly passionate about creating inspiring spaces that people like to talk about.

    We can support your restaurant interior design project from the initial concept design right through to visualisation. We are able to support you through the technical stages of the project with the assistance of technical drawing packs and the coordination of contractors who will support you with the fit out.

    Our projects range in size and location across the UK but many of our restaurant design projects are usually in London or Manchester. We have designed restaurant interiors for the likes of Soul Deli, Forest Holidays and Pistachio to name a few.

    We would love to discuss with you any restaurant design ideas you may have and show you how we can take your restaurant interior design ideas to the next level.

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