Client: Pistachio - London
Location: London | Covent Garden
Project Type: Brand Design  Interior Design  Digital Transformation  
Project Completion: 2019
Contractor: N/A
Contacted by Pro-Restaurant Consultants we were appointed to design and deliver a new Iranian restaurant concept called Pistachio. We worked with Pro-Restaurant Consultants along with the founders of the restaurant to design this amazing and exciting new concept.

What did success mean for this project? 

It’s important we understand how design and business align. This ensures we are on the same page in determining success for the project. For Pistachio we would be working with Pro-Restaurant Consultants and the founders to design a highly branded interior experience. 

Restaurant Interior Transformation

A Contemporary Approach on Iranian cuisine

Pistachio intends to fill the gap in the market with a brand that has a fresh and contemporary approach on Iranian cuisine.

The brand will be modern in its positioning and communication, rich in detail and family heritage. Its name has evolved from the family’s interaction and ownership of Iranian pistachio orchards that have been in their family for generations.

Pistachio will be an ambassador of premium Iranian food, balanced with a strong narrative and heritage, ensuring the family essence and value of this brand is not lost. An elegant yet contemporary interior that mixes modern design with Iranian architectural detailing.
A harmonious blend of brand and interior design will ensure that there is the perfect symphony between the brand and interior. A mix of on-trend restaurant design features, ranging from exposed brickwork, nude leather seating and copper finishing, mixed with a brand that is bursting with narrative and strong family values.

The brand will be unified with the interior by means of traditional photos and modern Iranian artwork that in turn will help to tell the nutshell story. The combination of brand, interior and the passion and creativity of the cuisine and food coming from the kitchen is set to create a truly unique dining experience.

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