Branding Workshop
Develop a winning brand strategy
Branding Workshop
Develop a winning brand strategy
Clarity: Brand Workshops

What is a branding workshop?

When you start to think about your brand not as an identity system (fonts, logos and colours) you realise there is a whole other dimension to branding. 

Of course your brand name and identity are important but branding goes beyond this it is more than just what meets the eye and a brand workshop enables you to gain the clarity you need to understand this. 

Our branding workshops are designed to define your company. We look to understand what you do and how you do it but more importantly understand why you do what you do. We work systematically through our brand sprint process each phase helping to unlock the true value and potential of your brand. 

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Enabling you to align your team and position your brand for growth
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    A branding workshop unlocks your full brand potential

    At the start of our branding workshop we set out the key objectives and look to understand the challenges you face. Quite often brand positioning is one of the more common challenges. We work through a number of brand workshop exercises which allow us to understand what makes you different and how we will successfully position your brand in the minds of your ideal customers.

    Our Process

    Brand Strategy
    Facilitate clarity workshops to build winning strategy

    Brand Identity
    Design implementation of brand identity

    Brand Experience
    Create verbal and visual brand clarity to shape better brand experiences

    App user experience and look and feel to ensure it’s brand aligned

    Art and image direction for look and feel and brand communication

    Digital transformation, design and development for online brand experience

    Concept Design
    Interior design concepts that align with your brand DNA

    Technical Design
    Technical design support and preparation of technical drawing packs

    Fit Out
    Liaising and coordination of fit out teams and external contractors 

    Are you ready to build a brand that everyone is talking about?

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    Grey Coffee Team: Duncan Milne Portrait Photo

    Duncan Milne | Grey Coffee Founder

    Our vision is to inspire our clients to understand how brand strategy and design can future proof the success of a business. We help our clients create unique distinctive brands and inspiring interiors.

    Our Ambition


    "A perfect fit in both company and culture"

    Duncan, Grey Coffee and Digital Infrastructure Group are a perfect fit – in both Company and Culture.

    They share the same work ethic and creative force as our Global Leadership Team and deal with the pressures of an ever changing entertainment environment.

    Their commitment to the creative, to the job, the task at hand and delivering is exemplary.

    Stephen Millard
    DIGNetwork Founder | Former Head EPIC Records Australia | Former Senior Director Marketing, Sony Music Entertainment Australia

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    All good relationships can start over a coffee. If you’re ready to explore how we can transform your brand or interior space let’s start with coffee and a chat.

    How will a branding workshop help my business?

    Our brand workshops are designed a bit like a design sprint. This means we work swiftly to uncover the challenges you face and guide you through a process which enables you to gain both visual and verbal brand clarity.

    Our clarity brand workshop can be delivered online but we find the best results are often when we deliver the brand workshop in person and collaborate as a bigger team. Having delivered many brand workshops on behalf of our clients we trust in our process and its ability to unlock the full potential of your brand.

    For many of our clients we find that much of the value comes in aligning the executive team. Quite often each team member has their own interpretation of the overarching brand vision. We appreciate the time commitment of the workshop but with all key decision makers involved we are able to use design thinking and our brand workshop format to move quickly and through the challenges your brand currently faces.

    The ultimate goal with our branding workshop is to create a clear path forward for your brand. It’s about understanding how the core brand elements come together and how we can then leverage this information to build a brand strategy and create a cohesive brand image.

    As a brand and design agency Grey Coffee can support you with delivering a brand workshop, we also offer brand consultancy and we can also assist with the design implementation too.

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