Soul Deli: Cafe Interior Visual
Cafe Interiors That Impact Brand Loyalty
Client: Soul Deli, London, UK | Hospitality
Soul Deli: Cafe Interior Visual
Cafe Interiors That Impact Brand Loyalty
Client: Soul Deli, London, UK | Hospitality

Transforming spaces into inspiring cafe interiors that connect with your customer

With more and more cafe concepts introduced to the market, cafe design has become a key part of the brand building process. Cafe interior design must communicate the brand story and be visually appealing too.  Consideration must be given to the space from a functional and operational perspective. Good coffee shop design will help to optimise the space, show consideration to the customer experience and create the perfect vibe for your customers to enjoy.

We create coffee shops that are highly brand focussed. Grey Coffee combines intelligent coffee shop design that tells a story and connects with your audience on an emotional level. At Grey Coffee our experience spans from creating the initial coffee shop design concept right through to the fit-out stages of the project.

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    Cafe Interior Design

    Our design ethos is to create spaces that clearly communicate your brand, creating what we like to call connected brand experiences. We strengthen your brand positioning and reflect that through the cafe interior design. We craft coffee shops led by brand thinking and in doing so create memorable and meaningful spaces for your customers.

    Your coffee shops are a key customer and brand touch point. This is why we want to ensure the coffee shop design is consistent and aligned with your other brand elements. By building a more cohesive brand you will be rewarded with trust and loyalty both of which impact sales and business growth.

    Our experience spans from the coffee shop concept design right through to fit out and handover.

    Whether it’s a new building or an existing building, we transform spaces.

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    What our customers say...

    "Amazing feedback from our customers"

    We were moving our retail space, the process was completely new to us and we didn’t know where to start.

    After a number of meetings with Grey Coffee it was clear they had a real understanding of the challenges we may face and had a clear process and vision as to how they would guide our interior transformation.

    Whilst like many we have suffered with the effects of a global pandemic we can’t wait for our customers to return to our amazing new retail space.

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    Richard Smith
    Founder - Richard Smith

    Grey Coffee
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    Duncan Milne | Grey Coffee Founder

    We inspire clients to create unique distinctive brands and memorable interior spaces.

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    All good relationships can start over a coffee. If you’re ready to reduce the gap that exists between your brand and customers let’s start with coffee and a chat.


    Café Interior Design - How Grey Coffee can support your next coffee shop design project

    Grey Coffee have worked on a range of cafe interior design projects and are able to help you with commercial cafe design ideas. We work with you to understand your brand and create a space that helps transform new customers into returning customers. We believe that coffee shop design is about creating a unique, meaningful and memorable experience for your customers, that's we want for all coffee shops.

    Here are some of the most frequently asked commons when it comes to café interior design.

    What is Cafe in interior design? 

    Cafe in interior design is essentially a space that sells food and drink whereby customers typically order from a counter and find available seating to enjoy their food and beverages. A cafe can be differentiated from a restaurant as its typically more informal in its service and offering.

    How much does it cost to interior design a cafe?

    The cost to go through an interior design process for a coffee shop is typically defined by the scope or amount of work to be done. The key things that can impact the cost of a cafe project are as follows: 

    • Architectural or structural work to the space 
    • Interior decor and fit-out costs 
    • Bespoke furniture, chairs and tables 
    • Kitchen equipment 
    • Air conditioning, alarm and audio systems 
    • Exterior signage and lighting 

    How can I design my own cafe?

    Some business owners decide to design their own coffee shop as it saves them costs on the fees of hiring an Interior designer. To design your own cafe you should start by creating a clear concept that will underpin the brand and interior space. Formulate your ideas visually with look and feel presentations or mood boards so you can start thinking about things like; 

    • Lighting 
    • Flooring 
    • Wall finishes 
    • Material choices 
    • Main counter 
    • Art & pictures
    • Bespoke furniture
    • Customer Experience 
    • Music (Audio) 
    • Seating (tables and chairs) 
    • Props and other decorations 

    What makes a good cafe design?

    A good coffee shop design should be full of character and personality. It should help tell the story of the cafe brand concept and have an identity and look and feel that is recognisable, meaningful and unique. The space should be well planned out so that it supports the key business functions but also makes it easy for customers to way find and interact with the space. 

    What is a cafe concept? 

    A cafe concept typically is a food and beverage offering that provides food and drink to go and in some cases to eat in also. The food and beverage offering usually ranges from tea, coffee and soft drinks with some hot food options and usually a selection of cakes.

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