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Brand Strategy Services
We design brands that connect with your ideal customers
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Brand Strategy Services
We design brands that connect with your ideal customers

A Brand Strategy Agency with 12+ Years Experience

Designing and developing a brand identity certainly has its challenges. How do you create an identity that is unique, distinctive, meaningful AND memorable? How do you design a brand that is perfectly positioned for your ideal customers? Finally, how do you consistently communicate your brand’s identity across a number of different touch points?

If you think that’s a challenge, we’re only just getting started. As an experienced brand agency we help you to craft a brand that is cohesive in its approach. This means we can work with you to develop a new brand strategy and create a visual identity that aligns with your brand essence. Working with Grey Coffee we will help you create verbal and visual brand clarity. Understanding how your brand communicates consistently across all channels (digital marketing) and touch-points is key to success. If you want to reduce the gap that exists between your business and customers then working with a brand agency will help to unlock your full brand potential.

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    Clarity to help design & position your brand for future growth

    We understand that time is of the essence. Gone are the days where companies had the luxury of spending 3 – 6 months (and sometimes longer) refining the perfect brand strategy, going through countless iterations and design sprints and finally design implementation across multiple brand touch points. In the fast paced world we live in brand development needs to be agile and ideally move swiftly (at pace).

    Whilst there are a few exceptions to the rule we know and understand that the time is now. We need to be swift and strategic in our approach and we need to design a brand that will stand the test of time. We need to create a clear brand strategy (brand proposition) and design a brand identity that is positioned for growth and future success.

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    What our customers say...

    "Connects the dots between design and business"

    Duncan & Grey Coffee have worked with us since 2017. Duncan has shown a comprehensive understanding of our brand and business.

    The Grey Coffee team now form a more permanent fixture to our global leadership team and we enjoy working together.

    Duncan connects the dots between design and business showing excellent commercial ability. He brings a youthful charm to the team, a relentless work ethic and continues to deliver for our brand.

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    Jim Caparro
    DIGNetwork Vice Chairman | Former Chairman and CEO Warner Electra Atlantic USA | Founder of Island/Def Jam Division - Universal Music Group USA

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    Grey Coffee Team: Duncan Milne Portrait Photo

    Duncan Milne | Grey Coffee Founder

    We inspire clients to create unique distinctive brands and memorable interior spaces.

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    All good relationships can start over a coffee. If you’re ready to explore how we can transform your brand or interior space let’s start with coffee and a chat.


    Are you looking for a creative agency that can help you build a winning brand strategy?

    Grey Coffee are an experienced brand strategy agency that believe passionately in building brands that help to secure the long term success of your business. Our branding services are tried and tested and our processes continues to evolve. We have worked with many clients to provide branding design and associated branding services like Brand Consultancy or Brand Workshops for example.

    If you are looking for help with a brand transformation then Let's Talk Grey Coffee have been mentioned amongst some of the top branding agencies in the UK. We currently support clients across the UK and even work with some international brands too. If you need our help to create a new brand, develop an engaging visual identity or bring your brand to life with some inspirational web design then we can help.

    See below a number of commonly asked brand and design questions.

    What does a brand agency do?

    A brand agency helps to define a brand and can assist with the brand strategy, brand identity and design implementation also. A branding agency is usually responsible for creating an identity and look and feel that is cohesive in its approach. Verbal and visual brand clarity is essential in understanding how to scale and grow your brand.

    How do I find a branding agency?

    If you are looking to find the right branding agency you can consider the following:


    • Determine and set out the criteria in which you will shortlist an agency.
    • Make sure you meet the people you will be working with.
    • Seek social proof from case studies, client testimonials or reviews.
    • Ask questions around the process and make sure you are aligned on what a successful outcome looks like.

    What makes a good brand agency?

    A good brand agency (like any business) should be well presented. It’s true what they say that first impressions leave a lasting impact so the initial experience you have when interacting with a brand agency should be professional, meaningful and memorable. A good brand agency will be able to display a good understanding of the challenges you face and have demonstrable experience (client examples, project case studies, testimonials) in delivering projects of a similar nature. If the business has been established for many years then this is also a good sign that they know what they’re doing!

    What creative services do Grey Coffee offer?

    When we first started the business many would have described Grey Coffee as a web design agency or a brand agency. Since then our agency has evolved some what. We’ve even been named amongst some of the top branding agencies in the UK! From web design to interior design we are always on hand to help (and go the extra mile) to help you create amazing brand experiences for your customers.

    • Brand Strategy
    • Brand Identity Design (logo design)
    • Brand Interiors
    • Brand Consultancy
    • Brand Workshops
    • Digital Marketing
    • Digital Transformation
    • Graphic Design
    • Web Design
    • Packaging Design

    Grey Coffee are not just another agency based in London. We’re actually based outside of London and support businesses all across the UK.

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