Client: Fitism
Location: Bakewell | Derbyshire
Project Type: Brand Transformation  Digital Transformation  Interior Transformation  
Project Completion: 2018
Contractor: N/A
Our brief was to take a generic self made gym brand and transform it into a highly dynamic and bespoke elite fitness studio. The project would require brand strategy and a re-brand to drastically change the positioning of Born to Move.

What did success mean for this project?

It’s important we understand how design and business align. This ensures we are on the same page in determining success for the project. For this project we would work with the founder of the company to deliver brand strategy and transformation across all customer touch points.


We used brand strategy to go beyond the surface level to really understand the problems Fitism solved for their customers

We undertook a series of brand strategy workshops which really enabled us to understand the vision, purpose and why the born to move brand needed to be changed.

There was a clear vision and purpose to develop the business and expand to a second location which would most likely be in Manchester. After a number of discovery and idea based workshops we had started to formulate enough concepts that meant we could come back to the studio and start to work on the name and identity of the new brand.

As the name and the identity of the brand started to come together our interior designer started to work on the synergy between the brand and the interior space.
As well as the consideration for the gym space we came up with some really great concepts with the future in mind. This ranged from a F&B (food & beverage) space and a small retail space too.

As the new brand continued to accelerate at pace we shifted our focus to the digital aspect of the project. We had a good understanding who their customer was and needed to make sure information was easily accessed and that the website supported the key requirements of the business. One of the key website objectives was to add a booking facility to the website. We broke the digital project down into a number of design sprints which addressed user experience, booking, the user interface and a review of any third party booking apps and ease of integration.

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