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Commercial Interior Design
Interiors that impact brand loyalty
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Commercial Interior Design
Interiors that impact brand loyalty

Commercial Interior Design

Commercial interior design refers to the specialised field of designing and creating functional and aesthetically pleasing interiors for commercial settings such as offices, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and other public spaces. It focuses on optimising the layout, functionality, and visual appeal of these spaces to meet the specific needs and goals of the business, while also representing the brand aesthetically in a way that creates an experience for their target audience.

Navigating a design project requires good planning, an experienced team of interior architects and an understanding that the design has to satisfy the functional business needs as well as aesthetically looking great.

We believe in creating interiors that transform new customers into returning customers. We take time to understand your brand and your customers. We design interiors that aligns with your brand and shapes an experience that will be distinctive and memorable.

When supporting you with your commercial interior design project we are able to help you from design start through to the technical design phase. We can also support you with the construction and fit out phase of the project too. As part of our process we also assist in the procurement of bespoke furniture, fixtures and fittings and ensure everything is coordinated and delivered to site on time.

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    Designing & Transforming Spaces into Inspiring Commercial Interiors

    We believe in creating spaces that are distinctive, memorable and clearly communicate your brand. By creating a cohesive brand image we help to elevate the overall customer experience. We believe in bringing your interiors to life and creating an environment which looks great, is functional and is designed and delivered on time and on budget.

    It is essential that the concept has been designed to elevate the business and meet its short and long term needs. Interior designers will ensure the experience for both the staff and customers compliments the function of the space and more importantly the future vision of the brand.

    We have experience delivering commercial interior design projects in the following sectors: Hospitality projects, Food & Beverage, Retail and other associated commercial areas.

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    What our customers say...

    "Amazing feedback from our customers"

    We were moving our retail space, the process was completely new to us and we didn’t know where to start.

    After a number of meetings with Grey Coffee it was clear they had a real understanding of the challenges we may face and had a clear process and vision as to how they would guide our interior transformation.

    Whilst like many we have suffered with the effects of a global pandemic we can’t wait for our customers to return to our amazing new retail space.

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    We inspire clients to create unique distinctive brands and memorable interior spaces.

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    Commercial Interior Design - We can help you with the whole process!

    Grey Coffee specialises in Commercial Interior Design for retail, hospitality projects and food & beverage brands.

    Commercial interior designers work closely with clients to understand their brand identity, corporate culture, target audience, and business goals. They take into consideration factors such as traffic flow, spatial planning, lighting, acoustics, colour schemes, furniture selection, and materials to create an environment that enhances productivity, promotes customer engagement, and reflects the desired brand image.

    Grey Coffee is a commercial interior design company that uses brand thinking to create spaces that connect with more customers. We create commercial interiors that are highly connected to your brand DNA and in doing so create highly curated customer experiences. Our team is skilled at providing design services for commercial spaces.

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions for commercial interior design

    What does a commercial interior designer actually do? 

    A commercial interior designer will help to formulate design concepts and refine them further into ideas that are suitable for the project brief. This could range from hospitality projects such as a restaurant, bar, hotel, work place, coffee shop or retail space. Most interior designers have a refined process which supports clients through each phase of the project. Designers will typically support a client through the design stages (includes both conceptual and technical design) and some will even continue to support the client through the construction and fit out phase also. 

    What are the responsibilities of a commercial interior designer? 

    A commercial interior designer is responsible for the overall design of a commercial space. This could include a restaurant, bar, hotel, coffee shop, cafe, retail or work place. A commercial interior designer will be responsible for the planning and use of the space, material choices, table and seating, furniture, equipment (including integrated technology), lighting, wall finishes, floor finishes, art and props, technical drawings, visualisations, and also assisting contractors through the fit out phase of a project. There are also many other things in-between this subject to the type of project. For example if they have been appointed to design a restaurant they may assist in the sourcing of glassware, cutlery and tableware to make sure it is in keeping with the overall design concept. 

    How much do commercial interior designers charge? 

    Interior designers fees can be made up in any of the following ways. 

    • They are based on a percentage of the overall contract sum 
    • On an hourly rate subject to the size of the project 
    • On a fixed fee which has been agreed upon prior to undertaking the work 

    Whats the difference between design and fit out?

    The key difference between design and fit out is that the design phase is about creating the concept. Where as fit out focusses transforming the concept into reality.

    As the design phase progresses to the development stage it becomes vey focussed on the fit out.  Working with a fit out specialist helps to highlight any issues with the design. During this design phase we start to look more closely at material specifications (and costs) and ensure that before the fit out process starts everything is finalised with the interior design concept.

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