Forest Holidays

Client: Forest Holidays
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Interior Design  
Project Completion: 2020
Contractor: N/A
Grey Coffee started working with Forest Holidays in 2018. We were appointed by Forest Holidays to improve the utilisation of indoor and outdoor space and customer experience in the main retreat building which is used for retail, reception check in and food and beverage.

It’s important we understand how design and business align. This ensures we are on the same page in determining success for the project. Forest Holidays manage a number of retreats across the UK and as part of their growth strategy it has always been very important that we work to their required schedule. The key deliverables for most projects are brand focussed interior concepts, technical drawing packs and visualisation. 

Interior Transformation

Authentic Experiences In Britain’s Amazing Forests

Working with the head of retail and F&B the biggest challenge with a Forest Holiday’s retreat is how to make best use of the space. Each retreat has the same core functions and we wanted to ensure that the customer experience is at the heart of our design concepts. The Delamere retreat was a fantastic project as we were able to work on the project as the site was actually being built from the ground up.
Subject to the corona virus pandemic Forest Holidays Delamere will be opening in 2021. This site has introduced some key brand features which we hope we will see in future projects. The retail area has a sustainable supermarket concept, there has been the introduction of more foliage and where possible the use of more natural and sustainable materials.

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