Client: McGee
Location: London | UK
Project Type: Brand Transformation  Digital Transformation  
Project Completion: On-going
Contractor: N/A
After some key success working with clients in the construction sector, we were soon introduced to McGee. McGee needed support with brand alignment and brand strategy which would lead towards a full digital transformation.

What did success mean for this project? 

It’s important we understand how design and business align. This ensures we are on the same page in determining success for the project. For the initial phase of this project we would conduct a technical audit of the website identifying how users engaged with the McGee brand. This would lead in to a dedicated brand strategy session and some initial concepts that would be reviewed and presented back to senior management.



McGee is a multi-disciplined specialist contractor delivering world-class decontamination, asbestos removal, demolition, civil engineering, construction and recycling services; as a standalone discipline or as an integrated offering.

McGee has gained an enviable reputation in the industry as one of the UK’s best contractors for all types of foundations, excavation, muck away and groundworks. McGee self-executes these works and are therefore very competitive on price, they have the very best health and safety standards and are leaders in sustainability and programme.

Grey Coffee started working with McGee to carry out a full audit of their website and brand. As part of the website audit they wanted in-depth understanding of what users are doing on their website.
Understanding which elements and content areas of the website they interact with and how better we could plan and deliver a more focused user experience and user interface.

As part of this audit we did a deep review on their website infrastructure, security, user analytics, user heat-mapping and screen recordings. Alongside this we also carried out a brand audit to identify any consistency and alignment conflicts which we successfully presented back to the senior executive team. As a follow on from this we carried out a short design sprint, looking to explore design systems and an updated look and feel in the means of a series of mobile web concepts.

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