User Experience, or UX for short

In our opinion the clue is in the title “experience”.

Good UX is often a result of working day in, day out within a digital environment. We would love to tell you that our UX design process is driven by pure skill and wizardry but that is simply not the case.

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Your user journey should be Engaging, Interactive and ultimately a positive Experience for the customer 

Behind every well designed and developed website there is a key element that is often overlooked, User Experience or UX for short.

We know that your websites success is dependant on users engaging & interacting with your business or brand. User Experience is a key element within the design process which will often determine the success of your website.

When the UX of a website is not well executed or the customer journey is not clearly thought out, it won’t take long for unsatisfied users to abandon their journey completely.

There are some key performance indicators that can help to improve the UX of your website. These include insights from content, extensive reviews of web traffic and analytics. It can even go as far as metric driven tools and tests that can help to identify areas on your website that can be improved.

When any assumptions are made regarding the UX and user journey, we will cross reference these with any existing analytical data. The data will generally highlight any weak spots and allow us to make effective design changes. The success of these changes can be monitored through the website analytics.

Engage. Interact. Experience.

At the start of every web project our customers are usually very quick in outlining what they require from their new website solution. 

We then flip the question on its head and ask our customer to identify what their customers require from the new website.

Only then do we start to identify key insights and elements, which in turn allow us to take a much more calculated approach to the UX and overall design and development of the website.

User Centeric Design

The great thing about UX is that we can monitor the success of any changes we make to your website. 

Improved User Experience will mean, increased customer loyalty, higher conversion rates, lowered abandon rates and even decreased customer service requests.

User centric design is just the starting point, getting this key element aligned with your UX will provide you with a solid digital foundation.

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