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Published on 28thMay

How brand positioning can impact your coffee shop interior design Your brand positioning is the strategy you are using to set your brand apart from the rest of the high street and the well-known coffee brands, it is what makes you a credible, favoured coffee shop in consumers’ minds. A strong brand creates that differentiation...

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Published on 26thMay

Coffee Shop Interior Design Ideas | Part 1 Interior design for hospitality essentially is a process that should consist of three things, of brand strategy, brand identity and interior architecture. You may be refurbishing your interior, rebranding or creating a brand new coffee shop brand… whichever category you fall under, as a Hospitality brand you...

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Published on 21thMay

The coffee shop industry has been enjoying substantial growth over the past decade, resulting in the high street coffee giants popping up in most UK towns. An incredible benefit of the booming coffee industry is that independent, local coffee shops are also thriving. Coffee culture is real, and it isn’t going anywhere, many coffee drinkers...

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Published on 13thMay

If you are considering opening a coffee shop or want to transform an existing site you already have the potential to create an incredible experience for your customers. But how do you turn your vision into a reality and create a coffee shop design that connects you with customers and goes above your competitors?  Crafting...

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Published on 31thMarch

Connected brand experience is the ability to shape consistent experiences across all customer touch points. At Grey Coffee we really believe that your customers’ brand experience starts way before they interact with any brand touch point and lasts long after that initial experience.   Understanding how and where customers interact with your brand is critical...

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Published on 4thMarch

Understanding the importance of customer connection in a post pandemic world is vital for most businesses in 2021, but for the hospitality industry it might be pretty overwhelming to know where to start. Many businesses will be gearing up to reopen and to get back to ‘normal’ come the summer, but it may not prove...

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Published on 9thApril

Why Brand Matters? The term brand is literally flying around everywhere, we can’t go more than 10 minutes in the studio with someone not mentioning brand, phone rings and yep you’ve guessed it, a client wants to talk about brand, we log on to social media and there it is splattered everywhere, ‘brand this’, ‘brand...

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Published on 15thMarch

FITISM: Brand Identity. Over the last few years there is no doubt that people these days are generally more informed and certainly have a much better understanding of the term brand. This post will explore how you can challenge your own brand and hopefully understand further why brand is an integral part to any successful...

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