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As the first quarter of 2019 sails off into the sunset, we are excited for the year ahead and wanted to take a look at some of the emerging food trends and what we can expect from the food and beverage sector for the rest of the year.

Everyone Is talking Eco!  

Many business owners are becoming incredibly more eco-aware and eco-friendly! This can only be a good thing for our amazing planet and the environment! So, what does this mean for bars and restaurants? Well quite simply they have to find a way to implement eco-friendly practices and be seen to be adapting their brand and business accordingly to
meet these responsibilities.

As restaurant designers it is important that we adopt an approach that makes informed decisions about the materials we are working with and where possible ensure that we provide sustainable design solutions for the projects we undertake.

This philosophy and ethos also transpires to food concepts too. Chefs are using plant-based ingredients to create delicious alternatives to meat.

‘Plant-based’ is obviously a trendy word currently and we have seen a number of plant-based proteins introduced to the market over the last year. There is no doubt that in the health-conscious society we currently live in this sector is undoubtedly going to get bigger and bigger.

Sourcing is another key issue being addressed in 2019, people want to know more about where the food is being sourced from. This ensures that Chefs are sourcing more responsibly and take the time to develop menus that align to a sustainable ethos.

Big menus are so last year…

Many restaurant concepts are moving towards a single product approach. They focus on key ingredients elegantly delivered with maximum taste and satisfaction.

We have also seen reduced item menus in some smaller format restaurant sites. These sites tend to offer counter top dining, open kitchens and generally provide a much more intimate dining experience.

Iranian Restaurants

Iranian Restaurants first came on our design radar early last year. We were introduced to the Nutshell restaurant brand and we were wowed when our eyes were opened to this cuisine. There is a notable trend and demand for restaurants with an Iranian focus. Some of the most notable Iranian restaurants currently that we are aware of are owned by Yotam Ottolenghi with Nopi being a favourite of ours. There is also Hafez and Beranjak which are both located in London.

Is it the end of the Avocado?

With the most recent revelations that the Avocado is not truly vegan nor are they great for our environment (requiring 227 litres of water to grow a single avocado), is it the end for the avocado? In recent reports nut butter sales have gone through the roof which could suggest this is going to be a preferred alternative.

To be, or not to be …. Vegan!

There is no doubt that the vegan voice is now being listened to and rightly so. We can’t think of anywhere we have visited recently that does not provide any vegan options. More and more restaurant concepts are focusing on a vegan or flexitarian approach. Some of this will align back to what we discussed earlier about making more meaningful choices about what we eat whether that has a health or sustainable bias.

As ever the food and beverage industry will continue to move at a fast pace and will never stand still. We will see the emergence of new restaurants, Iranian, persian and possibly Latin American food concepts. However, the biggest factor of the year (we believe) will be the impact of eco and sustainable food and restaurant concepts. Whether you are a start-up, or an established F&B brand then there must be consideration and responsibility shown for our planet, environment and the food you put on a menu!

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