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London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world with a bursting hospitality scene, so it pays to stand out. As humans we experience everything with our eyes first, and in an ever-expansive digital age, we like to capture our experience with pictures perfect for social media. This means, that when people are searching for somewhere to dine, they’ll be looking into London’s most instagrammable cafes to add that extra experience into their time in the city.

Whether it’s huge floral installations, artsy interiors or culture-based dining that transports you to a different country, London has it all.

We’re exploring Londons most instagrammable Cafés, from hidden gems to popular hotspots, we’ve got you covered for your picture-perfect dining experience.

Dalloway Terrace

Dalloway Terrace is a highly regarded restaurant, famously named after the iconic character Clarissa Dalloway from Virginia Woolf’s novel “Mrs. Dalloway.” The restaurant has gained popularity for its unique and enchanting atmosphere, picturesque setting and excellent food.

Dalloway Terrace sets the standards for impressive interiors! The terrace itself is beautifully designed and adorned with seasonal floral arrangements, creating an incredible atmosphere. The decor is completed with cosy blankets, heaters, and lanterns, making it an ideal spot for both summer and winter dining. The terrace is surrounded by lush greenery, offering a tranquil escape in the heart of the bustling city.

If we’re talking food, Dalloway Terrace prides itself on its diverse and delectable menu offerings. The restaurant focuses on modern European cuisine with a British twist, using fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from local suppliers. However, one if it’s most famed offerings is their afternoon tea; elevated with a touch of elegance and creativity.

Dalloway Terrace has successfully capitalised on the increasing call for jaw-dropping aesthetics by cultivating an impactful setting that fast grew their social media presence. The restaurant’s enchanting ambiance and visually appealing dishes are the perfect combination for success and guaranteed popularity.

Over the years, Dalloway Terrace has garnered positive reviews and developed a strong reputation in the culinary scene. The combination of its elegant ambiance, quality cuisine, and attentive service has earned it accolades and recognition from both critics and customers, harnessing the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

In summary, Dalloway Terrace’s popularity stems from its enchanting ambiance, picturesque setting, delectable seasonal menus, delightful afternoon tea experience, special events, and collaborations. It’s a must visit destination.

Image Credit: Al Fresco Dining London & Outdoor Restaurant | Dalloway Terrace

Alto by San Carlo.

Alto by San Carlo is a taste of Italy in London, the San Carlo grouped are renowned in the hospitality industry with multiple incredible city locations. However, it’s Alto’s renowned Italian rooftop restaurant is known for its stunning views, elegant ambiance, and exceptional Italian cuisine, making it one of London’s most instagrammble cafes.

One of the standout features of Alto is its remarkable rooftop location. Situated at the top of a building in the bustling West End, you get to dine in a backdrop of London’s iconic skyline.

Alto captures the elegance and sophisticated ambiance that reflects the essence of Italian style. The interior design is contemporary by combining sleek lines, modern furnishings, and subtle lighting. They curate an intimate but lively atmosphere, perfectly creating the perfect buzz of a memorable evening out.

The restaurant prides itself on using high-quality ingredients, often imported directly from Italy, to create dishes that capture the essence of Italian flavours, quite literally brining you taste of authentic Italy.

If you take a moment to look at their social media, you’ll see exactly why they are so popular; picturesque rooftop views and elegantly presented dishes create the perfect photo opportunity to share you dining experience, like many of their 55k followers have done already.

By offering a combination of breath-taking views, delectable food, and attentive service, Alto provides an immersive and memorable dining experience that continues to captivate diners and establish its reputation as a must-visit destination in the heart of London.
Image credit: Alto Rooftop Restaurant | Unique Italian Cuisine | San Carlo

Greenwich Grind

Greenwich Grind is a popular café located in the vibrant Greenwich neighbourhood of London. Known for its relaxed atmosphere, specialty coffee, and delicious food, Greenwich Grind has gained a significant following and widespread popularity.

Greenwich Grind exudes a hip and laid-back ambiance that resonates with locals and visitors alike. The café features contemporary decor with a touch of industrial design, creating a cool and inviting space. Well known for its speciality coffee, the café takes pride in sourcing premium coffee beans from around the world and roasting them in-house to perfection.

In addition to its coffee offerings, Greenwich Grind has gained a reputation for its innovative cocktail menu. Yes, cocktails, it’s not just coffee as Grind transforms easily from day to night  offering a creative selection of signature drinks and classic cocktails with a twist. It regularlty hosts live music and other events, making it a vibrant hotspot.

From brunch classics to light bites and hearty mains, the café presents a range of options to suit different tastes and dietary preferences. The menu focuses on fresh, locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a satisfying and flavourful dining experience.

If you’re not already convinced, take a browse at their social media and add it to your list of Londons Most Instagrammable Cafes.

Image Credit: Greenwich Grind delivers an all-day concept of coffee, cocktails and cool (we-heart.com)

Peggy Porschen

Potentially one of Londons most photographed cafes. If you love pink, florals and cakes that look too good to eat, then Peggys is for you!

The exterior of Peggy Porschen is a sight in itself. The café is adorned with an enchanting pastel pink façade, embellished with beautiful floral arrangements that change with the seasons. This picturesque setting provides a stunning backdrop for Instagram-worthy photos.

Once you step inside Peggy Porschen, you enter a whimsical world of pastel hues, elegant furnishings, and delicate décor. The café’s interior is meticulously designed, featuring vintage-inspired furniture, elegant chandeliers, and intricate floral motifs. Every corner of the space is thoughtfully curated to create a dreamy ambiance that sparks joy and inspires creativity.

If you want a bit more than interiors then it’s lucky that they are well known for exquisite cakes and confections. The visually stunning displays of sweet treats are almost too beautiful to eat.

Their signature floral arch outside the café changes with the season, one look at their social media tags will show you exactly how popular it is and exactly why it always features in the conversation of London’s most instagrammable cafes.

Image Credit: Peggy Porschen Belgravia. The best cupcakes and afternoon tea in London– Peggy Porschen Cakes Ltd

Milk Train Café

Hopefully not a controversial choice! The Milk Train Café is perhaps more well known for it’s instagrammble ice creams than it’s interiors, but don’t be fooled, it’s part of the whole package.

One of the key factors contributing to Milk Train Cafe’s popularity is its visually stunning ice cream creations. The café serves soft-serve ice cream in a cone, which is then skilfully adorned with various toppings such as cotton candy clouds, colourful sprinkles, chocolate sauces, and other delightful decorations. These whimsical and Instagram-worthy presentations have captured the attention of social media users, leading to increased visibility and popularity.

Milk Train Cafe provides a playful and interactive atmosphere that appeals to both children and adults. The act of choosing toppings, watching the ice cream being prepared, and taking photos of the visually appealing treats creates a sense of excitement and fun. This engaging experience makes visiting Milk Train Cafe more than just a dessert stop—it becomes an enjoyable activity in itself.

Milk Train Cafe has established a distinctive brand identity through its use of pastel colours, cheerful branding and classic train like booths. The café’s interior design and overall aesthetic create a delightful and inviting ambiance that resonates with customers seeking a cheerful and light-hearted environment. The café’s ability to create a memorable and shareable experience has captured the attention of dessert enthusiasts and social media users, making it a popular destination for those seeking a fun and visually stunning ice cream treat in London.

Image Credit: The Milk Train Ice Cream Cafe Was Inspired By British Trains And Their Stations (contemporist.com)


Based in Clapham looking over the beautiful common, Minnow is incredibly charming! It’s pavement terrace is perfect in all seasons, al fresco dining in the sun and fresh evening cocktails courtesy of their cosy blankets and heaters. Although they have a floral installation, it has a different amongst their exposed brick and vintage glassware, creating a more contemporary atmosphere.

From homemade Sunday roasts to brunch, their seasonal menus make them a firm favourite among locals, and is steadily building them a solid loyal following.

Image Credit: Gallery | Minnow (minnowclapham.co.uk)

Daisy Green

Daisy Green is a group of eleven restaurants/cafes across London, and honestly, we’re not sure which one to pick to talk about! They are impressive, and certainly tick the boxes when it comes to creating an experience for their diners. From the stylish decor of Larrys and Percy Green, to the fun of Peggy Jean on the boathouse.

Daisy Green is Aussie food that has you covered from speciality coffee with your healthy brunch to cocktails with your indulgent dessert. With over 70k followers on instagram, a quick look makes it easy to see how the group have become so successful and cemented their place in London’s most instagrammable cafes.

Image Credit: NEW LOCATIONS — DAISY | GREEN (daisygreenfood.com)

The impact of London’s most instagrammable cafes.

London’s most Instagrammable cafes offer more than just delicious food and beverages. They have captured the hearts and cameras of locals and visitors alike, becoming sought-after destinations for those seeking aesthetically pleasing experiences and shareable moments. From enchanting floral arrangements to whimsical interiors, these cafes have mastered the art of creating visually stunning spaces that serve as the perfect backdrop for social media-worthy photos.

But it’s not just about the aesthetics. These cafes understand the power of social media and have leveraged it to their advantage, cultivating a strong online presence. They recognise that today’s generation seeks more than just a good meal – they crave experiences that are visually captivating and unique.

Moreover, these cafes have become cultural hubs, drawing influencers, celebrities, and individuals passionate about design and food. They provide spaces for creativity and self-expression, where people can not only enjoy a delectable meal or a perfect cup of coffee but also feel a sense of community and connection.

London’s most Instagrammable cafes are a reflection of the city’s vibrant and diverse culinary scene. They embody the creativity and innovation that make London a global hub for food and culture. These establishments continuously push boundaries, offering unique concepts, seasonal themes, and innovative twists on traditional favourites.

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