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The Anthologist St Peter’s Square – Manchester.

Grey Coffee took a research day out in Manchester and one of the key hospitality spaces we wanted to check out was The Anthologist – St Peter’s Square. Having seen Drake and Morgans work we were excited to see how the brand had put their stamp on their 2nd Manchester site.

Who are Drake and Morgan?

Drake and Morgan is a bar and restaurant group founded in South London in 2008, since launching their very first site ‘The Refinery’ they have gone on to grow and develop with multiple sites. Now consisting of 19 bars and restaurants predominantly across London, Edinburgh and Manchester. Each of their sites is unique in it’s look and feel but what ties them all together is the brand’s (Drake and Morgan) attention to detail and focus on experience. With their sites situated within bustling cities they are eager to create a sense of escapism and to provide their customers with a retreat from urban life.

The Anthologist | Manchester

The Anthologist is located in the heart of Manchester, situated in St Peter’s Square facing the central library. Not only does the site have extensive seating inside it also has a large alfresco terrace space. The Anthologist in particular is known for relaxed all day dining and cocktails, its location makes it the perfect place to grab breakfast, lunch with friends or after work cocktails. Their food offerings feature a range of global dishes, sharing boards and small plates as well as an extensive botanical cocktail menu. With indoor and outdoor seating the bar-restaurant also hosts a large cocktail bar and open kitchen, alongside a range of dining areas.

Drake & Morgan: The Anthologist Restaurant Interior
Drake & Morgan: The Anthologist Restaurant Interior

The Exterior

The large terrace located at the front of the restaurant is welcoming and surprisingly cosy. What makes this drake and Morgan terrace different to other outdoor hospitality spaces is that their detailing is spot on. The attention to detail with foliage, colour choices and furniture really helps to tie the terrace in with the interior space. Something worth noting is the addition of soft furnishings throughout the exterior (and interior) adds comfort and elevates the customer experience. 

The outside area doesn’t limit you on seating choices, there are both dining height tables and bar height seating options. The customer experience seems to have been considered extensively, they provide cushions, blankets and coat hooks as well as dressing the table with foliage and candles making your al fresco dining experience comfortable and convenient all year round. 

Drake & Morgan: The Anthologist Restaurant Exterior Terrace

The Interior

The floral arrangement surrounding the entrance guides you through to the interior space, and the floral arrangements don’t end there. The first seating area that greets you is a relaxed cosy space consisting of comfortable seating and tables of 4 and below, this space is sectioned off from the main dining area a decorative floor to ceiling divider. The wood and metal divider is decorated with interior accessories and a variety of potted plants and foliage making this space feel homely and familiar. Throughout the interior space there are many floral additions, from small single pots on small tables to larger floral arrangements on communal tables and hanging floral details. 

The Anthologist provides an abundance of seating choices to suit any occasion. The large open space is zoned carefully to make the most of the space and to accommodate the different needs of their customer, the areas are identifiable by the change in flooring and style of furniture. The main dining area is defined by large banquette seating and a variety of sized tables whilst the right hand side of the restaurant is designed for groups, larger gatherings and business meetings with oversized bar height (mobile) tables. The restaurant is easy to navigate so whether you are popping in for chilled coffee, a formal sit down meal or a business meeting there’s an appropriate space for each.

The main feature of the restaurant is the oversized statement cocktail bar running alongside the length of the right hand side of the restaurant. The bar is impressive, with a huge selection of drinks, statement geometric tiles and under counter lighting it really does catch your eye. As well as the statement bar the restaurant also has an open kitchen along the back wall with bar seating making it an vibrant experience for the guest seated in the dining area. 

Drake & Morgan: The Anthologist Restaurant Interior
Drake & Morgan: The Anthologist Restaurant Interior

Although a huge space, Drake and Morgan have created a cosy, friendly all rounder restaurant. Whilst each area of this restaurant is distinctly different they all are finished off with vibrant and patterned soft furnishings. Cushions, blankets, upholstery and coordinating accessories really make the difference when comparing this to your typical bar or restaurant experience. The Anthologist is a perfect retreat for those looking for a comfortable and easy going experience. 

On the whole Drake and Morgan seem to have the customer at the heart of their design decision making when it comes to their interiors. Although distinctive to the Drake and Morgan style this restaurant stands out in its own way without being a replica of their other sites.

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