Brand Strategy & Design
Shaping successful brands since 2010
Brand Strategy & Design
Shaping successful brands since 2010
Brand Transformation

Brand Strategy & Design - It's more than just a logo, or a story for that matter!

Brand strategy is key to our success. We have worked with many businesses to challenge the way they communicate, define their culture or help to refine their unique story. We help to transform your business. 

Brand strategy is integral to our process. To achieve consistency across all touch points then you need to have strategy. Our brand process is challenging but deeply rewarding. It provides clarity, positioning and the desire to create and develop authentic, meaningful brands that puts the customer first.

We work with ambitious brands, business owners and marketing professionals to design and deliver strategic brand transformation.

Over the last 10 years we have helped many brands with their biggest challenges – View our project experience

We can help you with:

  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Photography 
  • Brand Signage, Print & Packaging 
  • Brand Strategy 
  • Brand Strategy Workshops 
  • Brand Visualisation



Solving your brand challenges

Grey Coffee have experience working with brands big and small, whether you have global outreach or are a disruptive start up.

Many businesses talk about ‘Brand consistency’ but very few actually achieve it across all touch points. There is no doubt that consumers are much more brand aware. They want to know what problem your brand or business is going to solve for them? They also want to identify values within your brand that are relatable, having a quality product or service is simply not enough anymore. Do you have a clear idea of your brand, what it does and why people should care about it? If you were to ask 10 people within your network your brand purpose would you get consistent results? 

Can you define your purpose in 12 words or less? Try it, if you can’t it’s unlikely your customers can either. As a creative team we have worked with brands such as O2 Telefonica, Multiplex Global, Forest Holidays and Golden Wonder to name just a few. 

Brand Strategy Workshops

It's about positioning your brand in a way that your customers will value & understand

Our brand strategy workshops have helped many of the clients we work with provide clarity on the challenges they face as a brand.  Our key aim of the workshop is to ensure that your brand is really positioned in a way that firstly your customers will value and secondly they will understand. 

In many companies these lines are often blurred and it’s about aligning your team, defining your position and consistently articulating your message.  

Our brand strategy workshop has been developed and designed in a ‘sprint’ format which means once we have determined the key members of the sprint team, we work through a series of tasks collectively to get answers to some of the biggest questions (at pace). 

If you are looking to build your brand or maybe even reposition an existing one, then we believe the best place to start is by understanding the challenges faced. Only then can you start to plan the way forward and build a winning brand strategy. 

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Our brand was disconnected and inconsistent!

Our brand was disconnected and inconsistent. We were concerned about the customer experience and the confusion it may cause with our customer. After several attempts to try and align things ourselves we accepted that we needed some help. As our customers will interact with our brand online and offline and within physical spaces it made sense to draft in the help with Grey Coffee.

Having worked with Duncan before with a previous company we had already experienced Grey Coffee’s brand process and expertise in this area. We are now in the stage of activation and whilst there is more work to be carried out we are reassured and feel very positive about our relationship with Grey Coffee.

Jodie Sharpe
Chief Marketing Officer - Ashmere

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All good relationships can start over a cup of coffee. If you’re ready to explore the ‘grey area’ between your business and customer let’s start with coffee and a chat.

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A creative design agency that combines the skill and expertise of a brand design agency, a digital design agency and an interior design agency.

Grey Coffee is a creative design agency that supports clients across the UK and internationally too. Over the last 10 years we have built a unique creative design agency that can provide design services in the following areas; Brand design and development, digital design and development, interior architecture and design. Our multi-discipline design approach creates a unique creative design agency which pulls together the expertise and resources from a brand design agency, digital design agency, UX design agency and interior design agency. We only hire the best designers and creatives and find people with characters and personalities that align with our views and who believe in our cause to deliver great design and results for our clients. If you are interested to understand how a creative design agency like Grey Coffee can support your business with brand, digital or interior design services then contact us we will be happy to speak with you.