Multiplex Global

Client: Multiplex
Location: London | Worldwide
Project Type: Brand Design  Digital Transformation  
Project Completion: 2019
Contractor: N/A
Grey Coffee have been appointed by Multiplex to support their marketing team deliver specialist digital projects. This spans from technical planning for progressive web applications, digital transformation, online hosted bids and strategic brand/product development.

What did success mean for this project? 

It’s important we understand how design and business align. This ensures we are on the same page in determining success for the project. For Multiplex we have worked on a range of different projects. Each one has a clear set of deliverables, timeline and key objectives we must deliver on.


Multiplex - Built to outperform.

For over fifty-five years Multiplex has been constructing iconic projects across the globe and has established itself as a leading global contractor. Looking forward, their goal is to be the best builder, consistently outperforming their competitors and delivering projects in a safe, responsible and sustainable manner.

We have worked on many projects with Multiplex but due to certain confidentiality agreements we are not able to showcase our full portfolio of work. The projects have ranged from branding projects right through to specialist audits, application design, animation and graphic design.

One of the first projects we worked on was a progressive web application (PWA) which would compile tender information into a mobile and tablet app experience. For this project we worked with Multiplex to create a clear and defined scope, outlined the high level technical architecture, provided UX and UI design and a development team to support the build and delivery of the PWA.
On another project we designed and built a fully native iOS application for an upcoming tender submission. We supported the marketing team to compile the content and mapped out a high level app experience. We designed the UI which included some very creative motion graphics and animations too. The app formed part of the tender submission along with a 3D model.

We had the opportunity to work on a brand and micro-website for an exciting new Multiplex product. An on-going requirement of this project was to support and build the online reputation of this new website. We put together a dedicated SEO team to work on this project and provided ongoing support in order to reach the required project objectives.

Finally more recently we were tasked to carry out a full digital audit with the main emphasis to uncover and identify any latency issues with the global Multiplex website. In order to deliver this audit we carried out a full online investigation and bought in a specialist technical consultant to assist us with the delivery of this audit. In our audit we successfully identified the main causes of the issues faced and also provided high level solutions to help resolve these.

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Grey Coffee are a brand consultancy that specialises in brand strategy and commercial interior design.

Our approach is focused solely on the idea of connected brand experiences. We are agile, highly committed to our process and operate as a small and purposeful team. As a brand strategy agency we are able to guide your brand through the challenges you face when building a brand. Grey Coffee was founded and is managed by brand consultant and brand designer Duncan Milne.

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